Nature Study idea

Mark took our kids to a nearby wooded area for Nature Study today.  He asked them each to scout out a spot, and then he used some string and sticks to stake out a square yard around each child and asked them to observe what they saw in that space.

Audra made a "Little House house" for some of her dollhouse figures
[I feel that I should also note, here, that she dressed herself today.]
Isaias discovered lots of bugs in a log

Ella contentedly observed and drew pictures of everything in her area

Isaac found a spider and inspected the roots of an upturned tree

....and Adelia wandered

The kids all enjoyed this activity, and spent over an hour doing this.  Whenever any of them made an exciting discovery (like a centipede or some bug or spider eggs), they would holler and the others would go join them and they'd all observe it together. Their big "find" of the day was owl pellets.

Mark thinks he got the idea from this book, which has several great Nature Study ideas:

Checking in...

Hello friends,

I just wanted to check in briefly with you today to let you know that all is well here in our home and family.  Many of you have emailed or commented inquiring about how we are-- and thank you!-- we are doing great! 

We are busy schooling, and enjoying it so much.  I think we have seven or eight weeks left until we're done for the summer!  It is so rich and rewarding, and I am thankful each day for the privilege of schooling my kids. 

We're getting outside more as Spring teases us with occasional appearances-- and looking ahead to new baby chicks and gardening and more sunshine. 

We have celebrated birthdays-- Adelia turned 4, two days later Audra turned 3, and a month later Isaias turned 7!

I have been studying the book of 1 Peter through a Precept class in our church- and enjoying that so much.  I'm also in the process of memorizing the book of 1 Peter (a challenge, for sure!- and I'm still in Chapter 1, but it's a goal I'm sticking to.  I was encouraged to memorize an entire book after reading the book His Word in My Heart, by Janet Pope. )  Ella (10) is my competition.  I had been memorizing for weeks and had exactly ten verses memorized.  I posted the verses up on our shower wall, and one day after Ella showered she came out with all ten verses memorized.  The length of ONE shower.  Ten verses.  Yikes!  That was just the motivation I needed to press on and continue to be diligent in memorizing. :)  So we're memorizing together and that has been fun.  I've enjoyed this site immensely: Scripture Typer -- for those of you who are also memorizing!

We're in the midst of starting up a small group within our church community and we're excited about that.

Mark and I are happily creating fun date nights every other week and enjoying that time together. 

I made it to 2000 on my One Thousand Gifts list,  and am still counting.  :)

Life is full and we are thankful.

I hope you and yours are doing well. 

Much love,