Blogging thoughts... and our day

One of the frustrating things about blogging, for me, is that I feel like I need to have some profound thought in order to post, or a topic to cover, or a practical, helpful thing to share, or at least an event in our family life to write about.

The thing is: I rarely, if ever, have a profound thought.

And my brain- when I sit down to write- isn't organized by topic.

And most days I have nothing practical or helpful to share. We may be doing things that I think are fun and or helpful to us, but it feels a little presumptious to think that others will, too.

As for family events, we have lots of those happening, but by the time I sit down to write about them- it's been several days, I have no photos uploaded or just didn't take any photos and my motivation to blog about it has waned.

Often I open up the little "New Post" window to write something and then sit there with the cursor blinking and the blank screen before me and decide I have nothing to say.

But I do have lots to say, it just doesn't seem "polished" enough for a blog post.

For the time being, I'm throwing anything remotely resembling a "polished" blog post out the window and I'm going to try to simply be me. Conversational.

So, today:

It's 8:38.

Ella and Adelia are still sleeping (!)

Isaac and Isaias are awake and playing downstairs- so as not to wake the girls. This whole system is working out quite well, and I am so thankful.

Audra is sitting beside me in her bouncy seat, squealing and happy. But she will be much happier when the rest of the kids enter the room. She loves her brothers and sisters, because they are a constant source of entertainment.

I was up at 5:30, went walking with my mom and then came back for my quiet time. I adore quiet mornings. And quiet evenings, for that matter. My days are never quiet. And as much as I love my children and this fun (but a little crazy!) season in life, I do love a little solitude, too.

Today is a normal school day. I realize most of you are on summer break, but we did so little school this past year what with my pregnancy and the first few months of Audra's life that it is now going to take us two years to do all that I had intended to do in one year. Literally. So we're schooling through July and then will take the month of August off, and then head back into it September.

Ella will be anxious to get done with school today and begin her List. I'll tell you all about that another time, because Ella is up and Adelia needs to get up, and it's time to call the boys up so that's all I've got for today.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Audra outside, last week


  1. Don't worry... I love the conversational style. I use it myself. When something profound does get inside my brain, I use it... but even then, you can't please everyone... and who would want to try?!

  2. Such a cute picture!! You did a good job with the post - I feel the same way (about needing something profound), which is why I mostly post pictures!! ;-) Have a great week!

  3. The good thing about blogs is that everyone's is different! That is what makes us all so interesting.

  4. ...except for the fact that you often DO have profound thoughts.


    love you.

  5. I relate to the lack of time and meaningful ideas, Stacy! But your blog is fun to read no matter what you share... love reading about your family and the daily adventure of life in your home!

  6. Can I just copy and paste this blog post into my blog??? ;-)

    This is how I feel lately too - and the sad part is that I would really love to be blogging more. But like you said, it's a season. I'm hoping that someday I'll have more coherent thoughts.... for everyone's sake.

  7. Those first few paragraphs sounds totally like me with blogging right now. Many thoughts, not so many moments to write them. Still though, nice to hear from you. I had a really weird dream last night and you were in it. Only you were nothing like you, as can only happen in really weird dreams. :>

  8. Oh I love that picture of Audra! It really captures her right now. Super cute, super chubby, just enjoying being a part of a large family. And that hat is adorable!

    You know the thing is that your readers and fans (myself at the top of the list) come here because we like you. It's you we come for not the posts. Any and all and every tinniest bit of connection I can get with you via facebook, the phone, your blog or (not often enough) in person is a gift that I look forward to and enjoy.
    All that to say that I enjoy your most profound posts just as much as your most conversational. And I bet it is the same with everyone who "visits" here.

  9. Welcome back! I've missed you voice, even just in "conversation." Thanks for a glimpse into your day.

  10. Thank you, sweet reading girls, for your encouragement! :)

  11. I so empathize with needing something profound to say and then by the time I actually HAVE time, not having any motivation whatsoever. But please don't wait - I love reading about whatever you guys are doing. Thanks for giving us a peek and sharing! :)

  12. Oh please do feel free to be conversational and casual in your posts!!

    Because, if I could, I would love to have just these kinds of conversations with you, face to face!

    Love to you in your "a little crazy" season, Stacy!


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