Back at it!

I trust that each of you had a wonderful Christmas season! We've spent this past month happily crossing everything off of our list and attending all sorts of family Christmas parties.

I am so thankful for the time off, but am feeling pretty wiped out from all the holiday festivities (read: MANY late nights, MANY days of no naps/quiet times, and just a general lack of structure to our days.) It's taken its toll on all of us. I'm feeling a LOT overwhelmed about this week: Mark is back to work, we are back to our daily routine and starting up school- and all of us are tired and not quite functioning at our best. I'm praying for extra doses of love, laughter, and patience!

I am always anxious to be back into our routine. Life is just calmer when we're all in our groove. We'll be changing a few things up around here, school-wise. We've shifted the chores for the kids, thrown some new memory work into our mornings: art cards, a catechism, and we'll be learning the fifty states by name and location. I have a new read-aloud chosen, a new artist selected for Picture Study, and we're also adding to Isaac's Kindergarten work. (I've been keeping these changes a secret and they're going to LOVE the new stuff!)

I'm also going back to keeping a breakfast schedule~ something I used to do but have fallen out of the habit of doing. [For example, Mondays=eggs/toast, Tuesdays=oatmeal, Wednesdays=breakfast burritos, etc-- but the idea is that EVERY week it's the SAME schedule.] I'm hoping that will add a little bit more calm to our mornings- at least for me!

Thank you for your patience as I took a break from this school series.

In the next few weeks we'll cover Kindergarten, Math, Read-alouds, Narrations, and Speech.

I'm always more than happy to answer any questions, too- so if you have a burning question, feel free to ask and I'll make sure to cover it.


  1. I love your blog, Stacy. Thanks for the time you spend here to share all that you do!

    We're heading back into our more routined school week tomorrow too and while we've enjoyed our break, the return to structure will be good for all at our house too!

    I'm anticipating resistance tomorrow so I'm trying to come up with some kind of "party" idea to kick off our week...

    Happy January!!

  2. I'll be missing you all and praying for you. I look forward to hearing all about your day tomorrow. You're the best mommy and teacher (and wife)!

    Loving you.


  3. I love reading your blog! I do have several questions but I'll just ask these 3 for right now: What science and social studies do you do for homeschool for a 1st grader? What curriculum do you use...a "boxed" curriculum or bits and pieces of different things? Do you follow a certain "teaching style" like Classical or Charlotte Mason? Just curious your thoughts on these. Thanks! ~DIANA in TN

  4. Didn't know if you knew about Homeschool Freebie of the Day but knew you'd love today's freebie
    It's a radio program of the Laura Ingalls Wilder book The Long Winter. Only available today Jan 5!

  5. I am feeling overwhelmed as well with the start of the school week after a long time off! I really enjoy reading your blog and all your insights on homeschooling! (I am new at this- after we had our third baby, I decided to stay home)And I LOVE the idea of a breakfast schedule! I usually find myself feeling frazzled between nusing the baby, figuring out breakfast, starting school, etc. Thanks for the idea!!

    Kara- NY

  6. Rebecca M~
    Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement, Rebecca. I'm so glad you read here.

    Mark and I both got a chuckle at your "I'm anticipating resistance" comment~ it sounds so official, like there will be a strike by your children or something! ~grin~

    What did you end up coming up with to kick off your week? I hope it went well!

    My favorite comments to read are yours. Thank you, honey... for reading, supporting, and encouraging me. I love you.

    Diana in TN~
    Thank you!
    In answer to your questions:
    1. We don't formally do science at this age. I just let the kids explore outside as much as possible and do informal "nature study". We often discuss things they've found or seen or discovered and occasionally look something up in our Handbook of Nature Study. They are also involved in planting/weeding/harvesting our garden and caring for our chickens and that's enough for us, for now. :)

    For history we do Mystery of History, and geography, for the most part~ just comes up often enough in conversation (what with the map on the wall next to our kitchen table) that they already know more than I do. Truly.

    2.I don't use a boxed or set curriculum. I just do a lot of reading and listening and narrowing down what I think we'd like and then try it out.

    3.Charlotte Mason most resonates with us, and I think if I were to pick a style, that would be it. That said, our history follows the Classical cycle.

    I hope I've helpfully answered your questions! Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    Ah... THANK YOU! I've downloaded it and can't wait to introduce it to my Ella, too! :) Thank you so much for so kindly thinking of me. :)

    I've just said a prayer for you! May you have a wonderful day with your little ones!

    Have I mentioned lately how thankful I am for all of you who comment? There are times when I put a post up and then there's "silence"... and I think: Is anyone even reading this?! So it is such a blessing to know that you are! Thank you for letting me know.


  7. I am also getting over being "wiped out" and so glad to be back on a normal routine!! :) Happy New Year to you Stacy!!


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