Christmas gift-giving

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We're doing Christmas a little differently at our house this year.  We decided to draw names amongst ourselves and give homemade gifts (using what we already have) in lieu of purchasing presents for one another.  (Stockings are still fair game, but the only presents under our tree for one another will be homemade.)  The reason we decided to do this is twofold:

1)  None of us need a thing.  We are so rich already.
2)  There are so many people on earth who truly DO have needs- real needs like food, clean water and clothing.

So we decided to start this new tradition in order to be able to give more generously to those who do have needs.

Our kids were completely on board.  The idea of making a gift comes very naturally to them-- and they have been full of creative ideas for their name-draw and that alone has been such a joy to behold.  I love it that this requires us all to be more thoughtful, and I think much more time is spent thinking of the individual we're giving the gift to (as we mull over what they would like, and as we put in the actual time of making the gift.)

I can't wait to tell you all about the handmade gifts we've been secretly working on around here-- after Christmas, of course.

Oh!  And-- I must tell all of you fellow book-lovers about this idea (one that I first heard about at Amanda's blog, at the end of this post): You know the moment when you get out your bin of Christmas books to enjoy for the season?  Wrap each book in wrapping paper, and then put them into your bin and let your kids open one each day leading up to Christmas- so that they can have the joy of rediscovering their treasured Christmas books all over again!  (Isn't that the BEST idea?)  I can't wait to do that next year.

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  1. Another friend at church recently shared with me that their children draw names to give gifts to each other. I thought it was a great idea - especially the more children you have.

  2. This is the third year that I have wrapped up our Christmas books and I thought it might get old, but no, Seth looks forward to opening one up each day. So it is still fun!


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