Two good books

Mark and I just spent 6 whole days away together (!) I know (!)  for our 15-year anniversary.  We went to the ocean.  I love Mark and I love the ocean, so it was pretty much perfect.

I had lots of time to read, too.  Which reminded me that I know there are some of you-- okay, well...  TWO of you:  (Hi Carolynn!  Hi Jessica O!) who actually like it when I recommend books I've read and enjoyed... so this post is for you:

Here are two books you should read:

First, this one: City of Tranquil Light

Trust me. It's SO good. A missionary story.

HT: Amy @ Hope is the Word for the recommendation.  (When she said her favorite book last year was Unbroken, (um- because YES! Mine, too!) and this one was her favorite for this year?... she had me.)

Secondly, this one: Left Neglected


I know I've linked to Amazon, but I checked them both out at the library.  You two probably already know about Charles Martin's latest, right?  Thunder and Rain.  I read it.  And.  It was my least favorite of his books, so that's why I haven't raved about it here on the blog.

Okay.  Back to the reorganization of our laundry room! 

And then, soon- I'm hoping to get back on here and post some books Ella and Isaac have enjoyed lately, too.

Blessings to you and yours,


  1. So happy for you! This is year 15 for us too. I am looking for some summer reading. Looking forward to checking these out.

    We should catch up much change around here.

    much love

    1. Hooray about your fifteenth, too! Congrats!

      YES. I want to hear about your life! I'm here. Email me anytime. :)

      (((love to you)))

  2. So Thrilled that you had time together! What a wonderful treat! I am honored that you singled me out =) Unbroken was fabulous. Thunder and Rain was good, but not his best, I agree. I love the literature you have gifted to me! Headed to the library website now to order them! Thanks for the recommendation!!
    We are reading (again) Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson Rawls, such a wonderful book! If you haven't read it aloud you are missing out!

    1. It *was* a treat!

      As for the post, I think of you every time I've written a post recommending a book (since I remembered that you liked one of the books I recommended long ago (I think one of Charles' books). :) Hope you like them.

      WE LOVED SUMMER OF THE MONKEYS. One of our favorite read-alouds! I need to post about our favorite read-alouds. I love books. :)

      Love to you, friend!

  3. Just finished Left Neglected, it was a fun read! I really have to be careful to not neglect my other responsibilities when I have a good book! I love books too! Thank you for all the great recommendations! Not sure if you have read Unbroken or not, but that is currently one of my top favorites! Love to you too!

  4. Thanks Stacy,, for remembering my love of your book recommendations! We just started reading Summer of the Monkeys aloud...I feel a bit like a follower of "the real" Homeschool moms! But don't they always say 'copying is the best form of flattery' or something like that? I want to be like you and Carolynn when I grow up!!

    Headed to the library website to reserve these books now! Congrats on your anniversary and especially on time away with Mark! Reading and Goodwills and long dates with husbands...does it GET ANY BETTER than that??? Not for me! :). Hope you are enjoying the sun and your summertime freedoms from the usual routines! Blessings to you and your crew!

    Blessings to you and your whole precious crew!!
    -Jess o.
    P.s. I remember reading way back that you did a Year of Norman Rockwell picture study...I want to copy that too! *grin* would you mind sharing the title of the book you used?

  5. Forgot to say...I totally agree about Thunder and Rain. I think I must have built it up too much in my mind beforehand...but I still love Charles Martin. Whenever I find someone who's never read his stuff I get a little jealous because they get to go read ALL of his great stuff...and I'm sitting here waiting for the next one to come out! :)


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