Ella's quilt progress

I've been working on Ella's quilt, which just last night Mark affectionately dubbed Ella's Story Quilt. 

Aesthetically, this hasn't been my favorite quilt to make~ because it's a bit too scrappy (not quite matchy enough) for my taste.  But I keep reminding myself that Ella chose every piece and placement and that it has more meaning than any other quilt I've made, and I know that she loves it.  And that's what's important.

This is the first time I've tied a quilt, rather than machine-quilting the top.  (Jodi~  I kept thinking of our on our girls' retreat, with your cute quilt and you, there- cutely tying away!)  I used embroidery thread and I love how it turned out.  I might just do it this way every time.  It makes the quilt less stiff overall and more cozy, I think.

Stitching the binding is always my favorite part.  I love the cozy, quiet, sewing-by-hand that it requires.  I think I like it best because it can be mobile (I no longer have to be at my sewing machine) so I get to move to the couch and happily sew while Mark is reading aloud to the kids in the evenings.  [Current read-aloud: Carry On, Mr. Bowditch.  And we all love it.]  Having the quilt laying across my lap while I do the finishing work gives me the opportunity to admire it-- not my sewing, by any means.  There are lots of little flaws I see where the pieces don't meet up just so!-- but the fabrics and the colors and how it all looks as it comes together in final form.  I think things like:  Oh!  That blue fabric for the edge that Ella chose looks so good right next to this particular piece of fabric!  And I secretly choose my favorite fabrics next to one another or the best set of four.  Kind of silly, I know-- but it is so satisfying to see it all come together as a finished piece. 

Here's a view of the back.  The fabric on the back is from a sheet Ella had on her bed back when she had a double but now she has a twin-sized again.  Ella loves it because the back is so much lighter than the front, so she feels like it's reversible and she has a Spring/Summer side and a Fall/Winter side.  (How cute is she?)

My go-to links for the binding, each time I'm making a quilt, are here:
How to attach the binding to the quilt
How to sew a blind stitch (video tutorial)


  1. Um... she is SO cute for thinking that! And it is a fond memory I have of tying that quilt while enjoying such fine company on our retreat!

    I adore this idea for a quilt and it's turning out beautifully! I won't even let my kids use the final scraps of certain fabrics because I want to save them for a day I might do something like this. I'm thinking it would be a good empty-nester project/gift to myself. :)

    When I was growing up my grandma would make an afghan for each of the grandkids. When it came to my turn she asked me what kind of design and colors I wanted, and I told her I just wanted her to use up all the leftover bits of yarn she already had stashed away. When she gave it to me I remember her telling me that she thought it was the best idea ever and that it was the most fun she ever had making an afghan. It now hangs on the back of the couch in our family room and I am well aware that it's not the "prettiest" afghan out there by conventional standards, but to my eyes it couldn't be more beautiful! I use it every morning when I get up to read my bible.

    Such good memories your hands are stitching! Have fun!

    1. My grandma did that, too, Jodi! (Made afghans for each of her grandkids. Which was no small task since there are twenty-something of us, all totaled!)

      I love it that you wanted all the leftover bits. You probably completely blessed her! And how COOL that you have an afghan that has bits of everyone's yarn selections. I smiled big when I read that you still use it every morning when you get up to read your Bible.

      I like you!

  2. It's beautiful! I know Ella will treasure this forever!

  3. You truly know how to enjoy yourself, Stacy. I had no idea that tying a patchwork quilt was even an option, but that sounds like something I could actually do. The stuff you learn! :)

    1. ~smile~
      Oh, it was fun! You should try it!


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