2013 Garden plans

Here's a list of what we're planting (or tending*) this spring:

sweet peas
strawberries* ~also planting an additional bed of strawberries
lettuce ~a variety
dill ~& other herbs (I haven't decided which herbs yet, other than dill.)  Any suggestions/favorites?  This will be my fourth try for an herb garden and only one of my previous three years was a success. 

squash ~butternut & spaghetti

Now, for some "before" photos:

Our garden space.  (That giant hole was dug by Ella and Isaac for compost.)

That's our old strawberry bed on the left.  We're going to use that old window frame as a raised bed for the new strawberries.

Happy, hearty rhubarb plants.

Some of our raspberriesMark just built that fence to keep them back.  The kids are painting it.

Blueberries (two of our four plants)

More raspberries (and fencing materials for Mark to put up more fencing in those two spots.)
My plan this year is to begin a garden notebook for our family, where we'll record what we planted (varieties), and where- and how it fared and what we observed and learned and should have done differently.  Then we can look back at planning/planting time next year and learn from our previous years' experiences.


  1. Regarding herbs, I always like to plant basil. And two years ago I planted an oregano plant that survived the winter and did well. They both like the heat of the hot summers where I live in the southern midwest.

    1. Angela,

      Mmm! I LOVE basil. (PESTO!) I had one great basil year but the last two years my plants have died. I should read up about what I'm doing wrong. (Location, planting too early,... I'm sure there's some reason!)


    2. Hi Stacy,

      I have a nice rosemary plant that has done well, and I love rosemary in bread and on potatoes. I have oregano, more than I know what to with, and I have only had luck growing basil indoors, which doesn't yeild enough for true pesto, but makes excellent winter pesto (which involves mostly spinach which grows excellently around here.

    3. Hi Ramona!

      Oh! I should definitely do rosemary! I haven't tried to plant that before. I've had good luck with oregano, too. :) And I'm glad I'm not the only one with basil woes.

      Blessings to you and yours,

  2. That's funny about the basil -- it's one of the easiest things for me to grow. We have pretty hot summers here, so maybe that is the difference? It germinates and grows pretty quickly in the heat, so I definitely wouldn't plant it until it is warm outside.

    1. Maybe. I'm gonna buy a bunch of starts and plant them all around the yard and in pots and find out where they grow best! :)

  3. Hi Stacy! Plant parsley so you can make Pioneer Woman's (and mine!) Favorite Meatloaf anytime you want! :) I love the gardening notebook idea...for lots of reasons...plus, it's very Charlotte Mason-ish. Way to go! Happy Spring to you and yours!
    Jess O.
    P.S. you know Charles Martin's new book is due out May 7 right? :)

    1. Hi Jess~

      Parsley: Got it!
      I love my garden notebook so far, too. It's very handy.
      And YES about Charles Martin's new book. I've already got it on hold at the library (it's on order). :)

      Blessings to you all,


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