Favorite picture books

These are two of our favorite picture books we've recently checked out from the library:

This book was new to us, but fun to read.  In Nurse Clementine, Clementine gets a nurse's outfit and a first aid kit for her birthday and then wanders around her house trying to treat everyone's "wounds".  It's pretty cute and very much what a child would do were they to get such a gift.

We used to check out If Anything Ever Goes Wrong at the Zoo when Ella was a little girl.  Then I sort of forgot about it.  So I was delighted the other day when I saw it again and we checked it out for Adelia and Audra to enjoy!  They like it just as much as Ella used to.  Whenever we gather round to read stories on the couch, everyone chooses one book and this one is always on the stack!

Happy reading!

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