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Ella is at the church, taking care of babies in the nursery for a bi-monthly mothers of preschoolers gathering.  She loves this.  She adores those babies, and we'll get to hear every single detail of what all the babies did upon her return.

Isaac and Audra are in the living room, using the Jenga blocks to build structures and towers and then knocking them over.  They are having lots of fun.   Those two play well together, and I'm thankful.

Isaias and Adelia are also in the living room, playing checkers together.  Each time Isaias takes Adelia's pieces after jumping them, she gets wildly mad and starts yelling.  He keeps patiently trying to explain that that's the way the game is played, and she can do that, too.  To which she randomly grabs his pieces off the board.  Somehow they're making it work.

Those two?  They're either best friends- laughing and playing and having a grand time.  Or they're at each other constantly, pushing each others' buttons- fighting and exasperating everyone.  It's one or the other.  Today so far they seem to be friends.

We've been playing lots of games lately.  Nertz (thank you, Luke Hollister, for teaching my kids the game, and thereby reintroducing it to me!)
and Authors, which I pulled out in memory of my grandma, who taught it to me when I was a girl.  Last night, while waiting for daddy to get home from work, we played Zingo, which is a fun one for the little kids.  (And the rest of us don't mind it, either.)  We've also played Trouble and Monopoly recently.  And there's always a 500 or 1000-piece puzzle on the puzzle board this time of year for us to work on.

Mark is at work, faithfully delivering the mail.  There are so many parcels and letters this time of year that he's working lots and is tired when he comes home. Last night he got home after 7, so it was a long day for us all.

I'm sitting at the kitchen table.  I just finished breakfast (an egg, a bran muffin and some milk) and I've just made myself some peach tea as I type this and listen to the kids. Audra and Isaac keep coming in to tell me about their latest creation ("Come look!"), so I keep going in to compliment their buildings.  Adelia and Isaias are no longer being friendly, so my time is coming to a close.  ;)

I have George Winston's December (piano music) playing in the living room- and I love that CD.  I've had it since I lived at home in high school... and throughout college I played it to fall asleep each night, so it's always relaxing to listen to.   I'm going to go get some slippers on my feet next and then work on this puzzle before me at the table.  I'm sure I'll have some helpers before long.  Anyone care to tell me what you're having for dinner tonight?  I need some inspiration.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. I just pulled out frozen turkey burgers because YOU reminded me by asking for ideas. Sorry I am obviously no help, I am in a meal slump myself. I need to get back on my planning routine. makes it way easier for me.

    I like these little glimpses into your world.

    1. Oh, I'm glad I reminded you, Sandi!

      Meal slump should be my middle name lately. ;)

  2. Fun to hear about your morning!!! Thank you Ella for caring for Josie! It was a blessing knowing she was in good, loving hands. :) I wonder what she tells you about her time in the nursery? :) we are having beef enchiladas which I pulled out of the freezer a while ago.

    1. Hi Allie!
      Ella said she spent lots of time with Josie this morning, (she was thrilled!) and that she seemed tired today, but that they had fun together. She always tells me which babies were there, their moods, who she held the most, what they played with, which mommies had to come in for crying babies, what the babies are now doing (sitting, standing), etc.
      OH, YUM! Your dinner sounds great. I need to make some freezer meals soon! You'll have to tell me your favorites from that book.
      Love to you, friend!


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