Good books for boys (aged 10)

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The following quotes are by my Isaac (10).  I have not edited them.

The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling
"It was weird because in a book it's usually one big long story about one thing, but this book was all different books about different things.  The chapter about Mowgli is the longest one, but there are other stories, too."
"It wasn't interesting at the first part because it was just Shere Khan the tiger talking to the wolves.  That whole first chapter is just him talking about wanting Mowgli when he was a baby.  But the rest of it got really interesting when he grew older."
"I liked the book much better than the movie.  The movie added a LOT, and also in the book Kaa the snake was helping the good side, and in the movie he was helping Shere Khan and just wanted to eat Mowgli, which wasn't how it was at all in the book."

The Mad Scientists' Club, Bertrand R. Brindley
"This book is a bunch of stories.  What I liked about it is that the boys had these ideas of doing things to different people or to the town and their ideas were kind of funny.  They ended with funny results.  Sometimes they were mischievous or naughty and other times they were helping someone."
"My favorite character is a boy named Henry Mulligan.  He was kind of scientific and he would be the one to figure out different functions on something or figure something out.  He kind of reminded me of myself, because I'm kind of like that in a way, so I liked him."

The Big Kerplop!: The Original Adventure of the Mad Scientists' Club, Bertrand R. Brindley
"This is the book that came before the Mad Scientists Club.  The main character of this book is the boy I liked, Henry Mulligan.  It also was funny, but in this one the boys were never mischievous.  They were trying to help someone."

The Tower Treasure (The Hardy Boys No. 1), Franklin W. Dixon
"I like it because when they have all the clues, the author doesn't make them just find it and solve it right away.  They have to keep searching for it, so it doesn't just end."
"It's kind of different because I wouldn't usually really read a book like that, because one of the boys' friends was going to high school, so they're older.  Usually I like to read books about people my age, but I liked it."
And he's since read two more Hardy Boys books.

What are your boys reading?

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  1. I don't know what my boys are reading! Isn't that strange? I kept thinking that I must know some book they are reading right now and I just don't. We are having a library problem right now and the Science Fair looms upon us. By summertime, I'm sure we'll be knee deep again in boys books that we love! I loved reading Isaac's booky thoughts here. Very insightful!


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