I love school. {School for us on a Monday}

We just wrapped up planning for tomorrow.
Here's what's on the docket:

Psalm memory work (Psalm 19)

Individual math time w/ me in my room for the older three- drill work, correcting and review next lesson while the other kids have buddy time.

Then: the older three will head to the table to DO their math lesson while I work on a little project with the girls for the letter N.  (N is for Noodles.  We'll be gluing noodles onto giant letter N's.)  And they will love it.  They will like it WAY better than last week's letter M project which was off of the If You Give a Moose a Muffin book and was a very specific glue project and ended in me doing a lot of it because it had to be done just.so, and Audra telling me it was "too hard, mommy"  (Scroll down on this post and you'll get the gist of the project that was sort of a preschool fail for us.  Like that except for my moose's antlers were way cooler.)

Then we're going to do a drawing lesson.

Then science, with coloring pages and a quiz.

Then spelling with Isaias.

Piano for Ella and Isaac.

And daddy wants them to clean the chicken house and nesting boxes.  And I want us all to get two huge hampers of laundry folded.

Now if I can just figure out what we'll be EATING tomorrow.  Then we'll be set.  An email from my dear friend Amy ended with this line the other day: "Well, everyone is hungry here so I must go and get breakfast.  It would seriously be so much easier if we could quit all meals!"


Hope your Monday is wonderful...


  1. You are super mom!!,:) so creative, organized, amazing. Inspiring.

    1. Emily,
      Well, the reason I typed it out is that that kind of organization is notable. *grin*
      Love to you!

  2. I agree with your friend Amy. ;)
    Sounds like a delightful day!
    Don't we have the best job?!

  3. YES!- on having the best job!
    Love you,


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