The thing about starting a series (like the recent school-planning one) is that life happens.  In our lives, this week and last week we've been on vacation.  So while I haven't been thinking about (or writing about) school-planning, I've been doing a lot of prep for vacation!

Here's a very short recap of our vacation time, with just one photo from each "event":

We went to the waterslides.  First time as a family.  I LOVE the waterslides.  I had just as much fun (if not more fun) than the kids did.  :)


We went to the zoo.


We picked blackberries, canned blackberry jam, went on walks, celebrated Mark's mom's 70th birthday, and then headed to the mountains for three days, where I admired the window boxes of the lodge we stay in,


we swam at the pool several times, ate out (*love* doing this!) and caught an outdoor performance of Fiddler on the Roof amidst heavy rain and a lightning storm!  Such an adventure.

We'd barely gotten home and then it was time to go to the fair, where we ate fair food and the kids got to go on rides.


Now our vacation is wrapping up and I can get back to school-planning mode.  More of those kinds of posts due up soon.  (Thanks for your patience!)

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  1. your mountain lodgings look so European, which is to say, beautiful! Thanks for sharing the highlights of your vacation, I'm sure your kids will remember these special days together.


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