My Plan vs Reality

Hello, friends~

I am trying to be disciplined about blogging twice a week- on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  So I'm stopping in to get a post up for Tuesday even though I posted about marriage yesterday.

We started school really late this morning.  I was really tired.  One of the girls had been up (and in our room) multiple times during the night and I have a really hard time falling back to sleep which meant that I got very little sleep.  So Mark kindly set the alarm an hour LATER than usual to wake me, and then I tried to get all my stuff done and allowed the kids to sleep in.  A good choice.  I think we all needed the extra sleep.

So our day today turned out a little like this:


See all those blue numbers in the margins?  A little different from my plan.  Sometimes things don't go according to my neat plan for our day, but I've learned over the years (thank you, God!) to be flexible.  We completed most of what we had scheduled- everything was just bumped a little later and I skipped copywork/cursive. 

The schedule above is what we're currently operating from- but I will likely tweak it as we work out the kinks during these first few weeks.  (I've already re-copied it once.)  It's housed in a sheet protector so that I can happily check things off as we go, wipe it clean the following day and start over again.  I keep it on a clipboard and have it with me or in a central spot during the day.

Just wanted to give you a peek into our imperfect day ;)

Hope you and yours are having a good day!

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