Happenings | Monday, June 8

Here's our garden right after planting- towards the end of May:


I don't have a recent photo, but things are happily growing!  This morning I watered, made a mental note that the radishes need to be thinned, and I hoed the rows and some of the walkways.  Then it got hot and so I decided to be all done.  :)  It's one of my favorite things to keep tabs on how our garden grows, and early mornings you'll find me (and often Ella) out there, just checking in on things.  :) 

This year we planted sunflowers, radishes, tomatoes (in the black pots), cucumbers, beans (far poles), dill, carrots, spinach, romaine and butter lettuce.  And corn in the back garden.  We planted less this year: less beans, no peas, no squash/pumpkins, no pickling cucumbers.

I also planted some sweet peas (flowers) today.  I think I'm super late on planting those, but hopefully I'll still get to enjoy the blooms.  :)

Audra's little bed on our front porch this morning.
The kids and their make-shift slip and slide.  :)
We're officially done with school, and the kids are all enjoying themselves immensely, feeling so free with only chores and piano practice on their agenda.  I am going to draw up some sort of a summer schedule for them, but I think I'll wait till July to do that and let them just revel for a couple of weeks.  Ella tucked herself into bed with me this morning with her book (she's reading the Anne of Green Gables series (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) ---Rilla of Ingleside as of this morning), and we read side by side until we had to get up (9:30ish?)  It was so delightful. 

Hope you're all having a great day!


  1. Love all of this! Esp. that porch swing bed, she looks so cute!

    1. I know! It looks so cozy, doesn't it? :) I wanted to join her.

  2. Love it! Yay for gardens and summer days and cute girls on porch swings! I always look forward to your garden pics. :)

  3. Enjoy the routine and warmth of summer. Porch swing, a blanket, and a book --- oh yes!


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