Happy Birthday to my husband

(That handsome man of mine in the photo below has a birthday today.)


Mark- Happy birthday to you.  I am so incredibly blessed to be your wife. You are the finest man I know, and my favorite person to be with.

So, because you are now 46, and in celebration of you, here are 46 things I love about you:

1. You love God.
2. You are kind.
3. You are such a great daddy to our kids.
4. You are affectionate with me and with them.
5. You are silly and make us all laugh.
6. You like good music, and have a song or lyric ready for every situation.
7. You like puzzles and board games, and are my favorite person to play games with.
8. You're a good listener.
9.  You care about people.
10.  You're a good friend.
11. You have a heart for the orphans.
12. You are generous with what you have.
13. You are a hard worker.
14. You're smart. (You know a lot about a lot of things.  Like geographical locations and history and dates and math and science and the way things work.  I love that about you.)
15. You are humble.
16. You have integrity.
17.  You are trustworthy.
18. You love football.  (Specifically, the Steelers.  And you get all excited about them and I love that about you.)
19. You see something that needs to be done, and do it. (ie- you are constantly picking up after our kids.  And me. Thank you.)
20. You have a bowl of ice cream practically every night. 
21. You heat my rice bag for me each night so that my feet can be warm and cozy.
22. You love me well.
23. You are faithful.
24. You know how to play, and play well with our kids. (LEGO, dollhouse, made-up games on the fly)
25. You think before you speak.
26. You are rarely angry.
27. You pray for the people you deliver mail to.
28. You love the elderly.
29. You like to do yard work and gardening.
30. You encourage me and our kids.
31.  You compliment me all the time.
32. You have all sorts of facts and stats about baseball and football players stored in your brain.
33. You would rather give than take.
34. You want people to know Jesus.
35. You have a lot of common sense.
36. You give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
37. You are gracious.
38. You are thoughtful of the feelings of others.
39. You are wise.
40. You smile easily.
41. You prioritize us- me and the kids.
42. You are patient.
43. You are game for anything I come up with: "Let's all go for a bike ride!" (when you're still lying in bed in the morning on your day off.  ;))  "Let's rearrange the living room/bedroom/girls' room!", etc)
44. You love children and babies and you're good with them- not just ours.
45. You are strong in spirit.
46. You are selfless; always considering others before yourself.

I love you, Mark.

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