From the pages of my journal

Approximately every six months I come to the final pages of my journal and need a new one. I always look forward to getting a new journal ready.  I take time to look back through the pages of my last journal and note some lessons or verses God has given me and then I plaster that first page with the truths God has been speaking to my heart.

{first page of my new journal}
{second page in: a prayer list}
{another page: listing things I'm grateful for}

For these next several months, my prayer focuses are these: (see photo #2)

Monday- for me, as a wife, mama, teacher, homemaker. for passion, love for Jesus, "5 things", devotion, discipline, humility
Tuesday- for Mark, as husband, father, provider, leader, employee, lover of God
Wednesday- for my girls (really anything that is on my heart regarding each of them)
Thursday- for my boys
Friday- for friends and family (extended) needs
Saturday- for our neighbors, the lost, our Compassion kids, missionaries
Sunday- our church


  1. Love, love, love! You are so artistic and I love seeing your beautiful designs & words!♡

    1. Dear, sweet Emily. Love you SO. Praying for you!

  2. I am so thankful you have shared your new journal. It Has given me some ideas for mine. I am four pages into my journal and am so grateful you inspired me to start one.

  3. Beautiful pages and thoughts. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    I meant to tell you that my friend, Katie that I asked you to pray for has her own blog that she tries to keep going. Recently she has been posting quite a bit. If you go there, you will see why and know how else you can pray for her. I'm praying for you and am encouraged by your continuing journey in Him. Here's a link to her blog:


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