Gratitude of late

a smattering of things I've been thankful for lately.... 

5508 | Isaac's great attitude through this hives trial
5509 | antihistamine, which has given relief during the daytime
5510 | book club with like-minded mamas the other night
5511 | my mom, watching the kids this morning
5512 | Sally's podcast, talking about strengthening our arms:
"Our lifetime will have many trials; our lifetime will push against the ungodliness of our character: our ungodliness, our lack of faith, our lack of knowledge.  And in that place it becomes a place where we can say, 'God, what would you teach me here? How would you strengthen my arms here?  How would you help me to live in peace here?'"
(A heartfelt yes! to that prayer.  When faced with a challenge, instead of griping or grumping, or beginning the woe-is-me dialogue I tend toward... instead asking God to strengthen my arms for *this* thing; for this task, this challenge.)

5520 | a good appointment, a thorough doctor
5521 | Michelle, walking us through this from afar
5523 | an immediate referral to Children's
5524 | Mark having the day off today, being present with the kids
5525 | Mark's insurance

5530 | having friends and family who are praying
5531 | Isaac's gratitude, several times a day: "Thank you for caring for me, mommy."
5532 | and his worry for me: "Don't worry about me, mommy.  I'm okay."  Or, "I want you to sleep well tonight and not worry about me."
5533 | his faith.  His initial statement of: "God's got my back."
5534 | the kids' prayers for him
5535 | and their concern
5536 | Mark, taking time off again tomorrow
5537 | tears and prayers with Mark
5538 | him hugging me in the kitchen today
5539 | the comfort of God's word (Ps 95) and the truth of who God is: the picture of Him as a good Shepherd, tending His flock
5540 | Audra and Isaias, collecting snails in the garden, Audra's "Snail Park", and their marble run in the dirt that she's so enthused about
Audra and her little paper-made doctor's kit
5541 | the honey that seemed to soothe Isaac's throat a bit ago

5543 | for the J's, bringing us pizza for dinner last night, and peanut butter cups for dessert!
5544 | and flowers
5545 | and my favorite- a sweet card from B to Isaac with a verse on it... Joshua 1:9, and a drawing of them playing football together.  LOVE
5546 | for the prayers of the J's, B's, friends and family.  People who care so much.
5547 | that he is moving around so much better today; that his hives aren't as regularly itchy, that his throat was better yesterday, that his appetite was back Saturday morning.
5548 | for a meal from the B's, Friday night

5551  | the ability to make and bring a meal to the M's last night to celebrate their adoption of T.  Lasagna, Caesar Salad, homemade crusty bread, ice cream pie....
5552 | finding lasagna sauce a few days ago in the freezer downstairs that made it all seem doable

5554 | all sorts of two-on-one time with Isaac on our drives to and from Seattle

5556 | solving riddles with Mark and Isaac on our drive Monday.  (actually, I read them out loud, those two smarty pants solved them while I looked bewildered and tried to keep up.)
5557 | the kindness of so many blog readers and friends-- praying and asking how Isaac is doing
5558 | tucking myself next to Ella on Monday night after the girls were all tucked into bed, and the little girls slept.  Chatting with her about her day at grandma's house and Finn and all his cuteness,....

5561 | Mark bringing me Woods coffee yesterday (!!!)

5567 | sunshine this week

5569 | morning snuggles with my Audra, and her cheerful chatter

5572 | laughter


  1. finding the thankful things ♥ love this!

  2. Such encouragement! So much to be grateful for in the middle of the other stuff. Continuing in prayer.

    1. Thank you, sweet Coralee. (((hugs)))

  3. Oh, my goodness, Stacy. I just caught up on everything- what a journey and it's not over, but I am so thankful for how you are walking through it. And I decided I wanted to post a comment on this post because it is so *you*- recording gratitude in the midst of all this. :) Thank you for sharing, and I love Isaac's words- "God's got my back!" Yes and amen. Love you- we are praying!!!! <3

    1. Aw! Thank you, dear Elise. Love to you and your sweet brood.

  4. Giving thanks in all! So beautiful :)

    I may just have to 'copy' this gratitude idea and start counting, too. I used to write out a series of gratitude posts, but I love this concept.

    1. Well, I copied from Ann Voskamp. ;) So copy away! It has been such a good practice for my mind and heart. Love to you!


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