there will be no crazy shopping for this family.

We are taking down our harvest decorations and putting up the Christmas. Oh, I love this time of year! The kids came out to the living room this morning and right away noticed the big Christmas bins- full of Christmas decor- sitting by our fireplace. They've been digging through the bins and boxes, pulling out their favorite things, and exclaiming over everything.

The highlights for them, so far? Our nativity sets and our stack of Christmas picture books-- the ones that only come out once a year.. We snuggled up on the couch already and read through 5 or 6 of them.

Off to decorate!

Have a wonderful day, all!


  1. Yay!!! Our family will be doing the same. :) Have fun Stacy!

  2. I agree, no crazy shopping! We love our Christmas books. We had to watch some Christmas movies instead and decorate. Our Christmas books were all destroyed when our basement flooded, and I forgot about it until we got out our stuff and they were not there. Made me sad all over again. But we will replace them a few at a time. Meanwhile, I will order from the library for this year. Hopefully they won't all be gone already.


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