In which I tell you about how Mark blessed me for Mother's Day

Mark really outdid himself for Mother's Day this year, and I'm here to tell you all about it.

One day next week, I get to:
... go on a breakfast date with my Isaac
... receive a 60-minute massage at a local spa (I KNOW!!!)
... go on a date with Ella, to a bookstore {which includes Starbucks drinks}
... come home to a prepared lunch

To top it all off, Mark arranged for me to go away, overnight, with just my sweet Audra.

All because he loves me. And he knows that one of the things I miss these days is a little quiet. So he has taken two days off work and is making it happen.

I admit, I feel a little funny about the whole: "Happy Mother's Day! Here's your gift to GET AWAY FROM ALL OF US!" idea.

But only when you put it that way.

The truth is, I am really looking forward to it. [Just me and Audra? My sweet little girl to snuggle up with, take walks with, read-a-book-while-she's-in-my-arms with? It sounds pretty blissful.] I plan to sleep, read, journal, eat well, and miss my husband. And come home all refreshed and happy to be back at it.


  1. So So SO Cool! He more than seems to know your love language.

  2. Wow! Enjoy your Mother's Day! :o)

    I got to eat out and a book from one of my NEW fave authors - Karen Kingsbury! Yeah, Hubby! :o)

  3. Great job, Mark!!

    I am super excited for you, Stacy! You DESERVE the break. I hope you enjoy it!!!


  4. How wonderful!! I so loved the times Mickey would take Hannah somewhere so I could just be home with my "baby" for a while. Enjoy!!

  5. Stacy that night away does sound absolutely fantastic. You definitely shouldn't feel funny about getting away from being a mom to five, but simply rest to return rejuvenated. I know you deserve a break. What a great husband.

  6. I think he wuvs you. :) Oh, enjoy, my friend- it sounds so lovely! There is something to getting away from them that makes you just so happy to come home to them again... fresh perspective! (((love you)))

  7. YEAH! Mothers Day is all Whatever floats your boat, right?

    Sounds like he knows what YOU like...

  8. are a keeper ;-) Stacy, you are blessed, enjoy your sweet gifts. (I know you will soak in all of them.)!!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  9. I love that you get to do this next week!

  10. What sweet gifts! I think it's great that they are spread out over more than one day too...BONUS!


  11. Wonderfully planned, and greatly deserved!! ENJOY every minute!!!

  12. Sounds wonderful. There is no shame in getting some space. It makes for a better mommy in the long run.

    I had a great moms day too...but this week I've been sick so haven't posted the pics yet :o)

    Enjoy your time, my friend....that massage sounds rockin' too!

  13. Wow! That sounds perfect! :)

    I was thinking this Mother's Day felt so different from other Mother's Days for me. I used to (at your stage) just long for some time AWAY; a BREAK. This year all I wanted was to spend time with my kids; I was worried the day would go by and we wouldn't have much time together. My, how times have changed, having them a little older! :)


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