Our day [or: Most Photos Ever in a Post]

I know I've been really neglectful of the whole photo thing here on the blog. I love a post with photos, but one has to pick up a camera every now and then in order to post a post with photos.

I picked up my camera today.

Hence, a photo-heavy post.

This is what we did today. (Planted our garden!)

"We" meaning Mark, Ella and Isaac. With absolutely no help from me. I mowed the lawn, did laundry, made lunch, took care of Audra, and ran errands (buying a baby shower gift for a friend and buying myself a cute pair of jeans). I did, however, help choose seeds and starts. And I complimented their work and picked up my camera and took pictures.

The seed-sowers:

The wanderer:

But we were able to convince her to sit for some pictures, to show you just how beautiful our rhubarb is this time of year:

This boy got a little distracted from the garden planting with making a home for these two:

Meet Bark and Lucy.

Another boy got distracted from the garden with drilling holes in the lid for Bark and Lucy's new home.

(Leave it to Mark to not simply drill a bunch of holes but to drill holes making a "B" and an "L" for Bark and Lucy's initials.)

Isaac was pretty thrilled, and shortly after this picture was taken, he ran to get more caterpillars. James joined Bark and Lucy later, but James does not have his initial on the lid. Yet.

We rarely get a good smile on camera from this boy, but I got one today!

And here is what our garden looked like at the end of the day:

This girl helped me use that happy rhubarb to make some Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp tonight.

And then we all ate some. With vanilla ice cream. While watching Charlie and Lola together.

It was a great day.


  1. That Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp was the best. Thank you.

    No, James probably won't get his initial on the lid ... they spent a good portion of the afternoon (while I planted all the lettuce and carrots) looking for "Lilac," the fourth caterpillar. Who knows when it will stop, so no more initials.

    What a great day, huh? Except that you did fail to mention that I clobbered you in a game of Carcassonne.

    Thanks for being my partner and wife. I love you, and not just because you have "a cute pair of jeans." Sorry I didn't rave about those. I just don't really care much about get-ups.

    Loving you!
    - Mark

  2. Oh I am laughing at Mark's reply about the jeans. Tim so wouldn't "rave" either!! That is why we have girlfriends - to fill our need for ooohing and aaahing!!

    Sounds like a great day. I would love your rhubarb crisp recipe. Yum! I will catch you on FB for it!

  3. What fun!! A wonderful day with a yummy treat at the end! Glad you have such hard workers to help you out!!

  4. Looks like fun! My kids love Charlie and Lola too!!

  5. Looks great Stacy!!

    And your rhubarb! It's huge! Maybe I just don't wait long enough for mine to grow...

    Looks like a wonderful, wonderful day!

  6. Now I understand how you have plenty of rhubarb! Each of my stalks was 1/3 the diameter and 1/4 the length!

    What wonderful pictures of a lovely day! I love that you were in shorts & t-shirts for it. I think for last year's pictures it was raining.

    I can't wait to see those jeans!

  7. Hi Stacy :) Such a precious post and one that my sweeties will enjoy seeing, too!

    Couldn't help but chuckle at the "caterpillar school" possibilities in that little jar ;) Love & hugs, Q

  8. Hooray for your garden and all your helpers!

    I was noticing the rope you have set up around certain garden sections... is that to help remind the kids where they shouldn't be walking? Or for a different reason?

    I know that mine struggle a little bit as the muddy, weedy play area of the winter becomes the off-limits garden during growing season. A set up like yours might help!

  9. Rebecca-
    Exactly. Yep. The rope is to cordone off the plants from the kids' feet. They know to stay along the "path" we've created. :)

  10. What a productive day. I LOVED the pictures - so glad you picked up your camera!!

  11. Looks like a GREAT day!! I am so jealous of your garden!! =)

  12. I love those days the best! I can't find a cute pair of jeans for the life of me. Sean can eat an entire pan of Strawberry Rhubarb crisp all by himself!

  13. I love your blog and have been following for a long time. I'm not sure if I've ever commented before, but I am passing along the Honest Scrap Award to you. Please stop by to accept!

  14. Can I just say, how great that you're in jeans with such a little one! And cute ones, no less.
    I love your photos, and your family is so sweet. Blessings.

  15. What a productive day! And quite the crazy rhubarb--looks great. :)

  16. Hmm, I was wondering if that was a dog run the chickens are in? I really really really want some chickens........but we live in the city with a 25 foot rule, but with a huge backyard. Hmmmm.

  17. Sarah,

    I think the chain link fenced-in area was used for a dog by the previous owners of our house.

    It's just a small(ish) fenced area that attaches to the bottom of a playhouse, which we converted into a chicken coop. :)

    It's been quite handy!


  18. Wow! That rhubarb is huge - is that normal? (Forgive this desert dweller for my ignorance.) I LOVE gardens! If we stay here long, I might look into a greenhouse or something since it gets so hot. So far all we have are some flowers and a few herbs, but it's a start. (And who doesn't love fresh herbs when cooking?!)

  19. What an amazing garden! Yum. What perfect rhubarb!


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