Coconut Lime Ice Cream

Ever since the grocery store stopped carrying our favorite Coconut Rum Gelato, we've been bitter. I love coconut ice cream, and believe-you-me, I have searched this town high and low for a replacement.

There is none.

Mark would like to add: "All the other coconut ice creams have nasty chunks."

So. Newly inspired by the Fletchers to pull out our ice cream maker and start using it for a change, we set out this evening to make us some coconut-y goodness. I wanted to create our *own* coconut rum ice cream, but I'm afraid the rum "flavoring" (versus the real stuff that you're apparently not supposed to use in ice cream) will be icky. [If anyone's ever used it, please tell].

So we settled for coconut lime.

And oh my word, people. It is good.

You must make this.
Coconut Lime Ice Cream

4 cups milk
2 cups heavy whipping cream
the juice from 4 limes
2 cups sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 can (15 oz) cream of coconut*

Mix all ingredients together and then follow the directions for your ice cream maker.

(Makes 4 quarts of ice cream)

*This is not the same thing as coconut milk. Cream of coconut can be found in the mixed drink section of your grocery store [You know, where you'd buy your margarita mix]. The brand I bought was called Coco Lopez.

Sorry about the fact that I do not have a photo. This is most definitely a photo-worthy post, but Mark left our camera in his brother's truck after their camping extravaganza this weekend and we've yet to get that back. I'm just sure you needed to know that detail.


  1. I so enjoyed the one bite you gave me, and I can't wait to really dig into it later. Thanks!

  2. Coconut ice cream is probably in my top 3 ice cream flavors. And I agree with Mark that it is difficult to find one in the states without "nasty chunks". I'll have to post about my abolutely favorite coconut ice cream sometime...

    Have fun, guys! Making your own ice cream is SO yummy.

  3. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!

    I'll trade you a scoop of The Recipe if you send me a scoop of Coconut Lime...

  4. Popped in from Mighty M's to say hi!

  5. Stacy, I am so impressed!Sounds amazing and I'll be whipping this up soon. As soon as we finish the vanilla bean I made on Saturday. :)

  6. Yummo! It's not too far of a drive to get some :o)

    So glad your first day went well. We don't start till next week. Just returned from being away 4 days and now my nieces are visiting.

    I,m not totally organized for school yet but in due time.

  7. Mark,
    You silly. You make it sound like I only let you have the one bite. :)
    Thanks for helping me figure out a recipe!

    Mmm! And yes, I want to know all about your absolutely favorite coconut ice cream. :)

    It's a deal! :) We *first* made The Recipe, and that was a huge hit with everyone. Two of my children aren't so sure about the new coconut (which just means all the more for me!)

    Hi, Blonde Duck! Welcome!

    Oh yes. Let me know how you like it!

    I wish you would! (Drive over and have some!)

    It is!

  8. I can't wait to have some, yummy!

  9. I thought of you yesterday when I went into Starbucks, and they had pumpkin latte. Isn't that you?


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