Prayer list

A few years ago I came up with a list of things I wanted to regularly pray for for Mark. You can read more about that list in a post titled Praying for my husband. The list has changed a bit since then, but I still use it regularly for praying for Mark.

Then Elise posted this chart for praying for your children. I love this, and have used it often as a guide to pray for our children.

Then one day it dawned on me that I had no habit or discipline of praying faithfully for growth areas in my own life. It felt a little hit-and-miss to me. So I added my own list.

For ease of reference, I compiled them all into the list you'll see below. The numbers on the left-hand side correspond to the day of the month. [So, for example: on the 2nd of each month, I pray for Mark's work, the knowledge of God's grace in our children, and my relationship with Ella.] This prayer list is taped into the front of my journal, and each day I refer to it and it as a guide to direct my prayers for that day. I share it in case any of you want to make your own similar list.

Prayer List

A few other thoughts:
*I use this list for prayer in addition to praying for the needs of others (friends/family) in our lives. [I don't want to leave the impression that I *only* pray for myself and my immediate family!]
*There are days (heck, even whole seasons) where I do not consult this list, but the format of it makes it easy to get back into it after any absence.

Note: This is my very first attempt trying to post a document in pdf format on my blog. I hope it works. I realize it appears small on my blog, but if you click on the upper right hand corner, it will then take you to a screen with a zoom function (top right hand side of the page, first option on the left) to enlarge it. I hope it's not too complicated. I really have NO idea what I'm doing, so bear with me. :)


  1. you put a lot of work into this! great job.

    I had fallen out of this habit, good reminder.

    great job with the pdf, it worked nicely.

  2. That is a great idea - thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. this is incredible. Very convicting as I realize that I need to develop this type of structure w/ my prayer life.

  4. I developed something for myself along these lines on a smaller scale. Yours seems much better to maintain over time.

    I have often used both of those prayer lists from Elise too. I really like them. I need something to tell me what to do :o) When I have to retain too much in my brain...well it just doesn't work very well.

  5. How funny that you post this now? I've been using a modified version of the list you posted for your husband for months now, and I've been wanting to merge it with the one I use for my children... and simultaneously, I've been wishing someone would be praying through a list for me. Guess that should be me, eh?
    So Thanks!

  6. I love this, Stacy! Thanks for sharing it with us all. Oh how my prayer life needs a facelift!

  7. This really means the world to me -- that you pray so faithfully for me and for our kids. I'm glad to see that your praying for yourself now too (I didn't know that until I read this post), because, although I do pray daily for you, I'm not so structured or organized.

    Thank you for your prayers.

    Loving you,

  8. Oh! One thing I forgot to mention in this post: I would like to have scripture references by each item, but just haven't done so yet. (The list from Elise already had the verses so that one was easy!)

    Amy- Thanks. There have been seasons I've fallen out of this habit, too. [For instance, about six months of this last year! But these past couple of months I've been back at it and loving it all over again!]

    Thanks, Beth.

    Emily- I have really appreciated the structure. That way, even if I miss a day or two or three, I know I'll catch it the following month. :)

    Sandi- That's great you have a similar list! Isn't it handy?

    Annie- Really?! Well, add a column for yourself, girl. :)

    Rebecca M- You're welcome.

    Mark- Hi honey. I love you and love praying for you and our kids!

  9. Stacy,
    This is a great idea. In my efforts these past few years of having kids to be less "type A," I think I've just thrown a lot of my normal organization ideas out the window. I can't take it anymore. I LOVE lists. I love making them, crossing things off of them, consulting them, posting them, etc. And I love this one. So I fully intend to plagiarize most of it. Thank you for sharing. :)


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