Grateful: Monday, July 12

1235 | Spending time this morning (every morning!) with my early-morning girl, while the rest of the house slept. Watching as she brought toys and books to my lap, seeing her discover things and express herself in cute little gestures and with sweet exclamations.

Words I heard her say this morning:

here 'go
dank you!

guy? (referring to Isaac's LEGO guys)
nigh-nigh (as she tucked the LEGO guys under a blanket)
bank-ee (blanket)
Jesuh? (because that's what we sing when we go nigh-nigh!)
love oo
up boo
wogee (froggy)

1236 | The blessing of my wonderful Ella, who invited the little girls to help her with her laundry chore. Having a few moments of freedom while the boys did their chores, I made a phone call to a dear friend who has been on my heart. Ella got the girls dressed- in matching outfits, no less- and took them outside. I peeked out the back door to find this:

{She pulled up those little chairs for the girls to have front-row seats as she took care of her chicken chore.}

I kept peeking, as I was on the phone, and spied this a few minutes later:

I noted that she chose our calmest hen for this endeavor, for which I am thankful. :)

She made one more trip inside with the girls to get them bundled up in sweatshirts (it's cold this morning!) and then headed back outside to play with them. How thankful I am for this precious oldest daughter of mine!

holy experience


  1. this blesses my heart so much at this very moment. Children do that--right!

  2. that little Ella is a gem. so sweet and thoughtful and gentle. =)

  3. What sweet girls we have. Thanks for capturing this morning so well. Just as I was thinking that Audra is indeed about the cutest thing ever, you go on and tell what a wonderful gift we have in Ella. We are blessed.

  4. They are so sweet and as always I love how you capture these memories here.


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