I wish I had thought of this!

Ella, this morning: "Thank you for the note on the laundry detergent!"

Me: "What note? I didn't leave a note."

[Imagine her delight when she discovered it was from her daddy!]

Sweet Mark.

I wish I had thought of that!

Are there notes (or treats, even) you could leave out for your children today to thank them for doing their chores?


  1. I try and not read blogs...(doing good) and try never to leave comments, as it gets me in a cycle that I don't want to be. :)

    but I had to comment.

    What a beautiful, sweet thing your husband did for your daughter and for you.

    Totally an awesome daddy. Treasure that!!!

  2. I can remember word for word a note my mom left me similar to that when I was a kid...she'll treasure that memory for sure! What a great daddy to think of it :)


  3. What a beautiful encouragement Mark left her...and what a great prompting for all of us as we train our little sweetie-pies.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  4. Yes there is...off to do it right now.

    Love that Ella girl!

  5. i was just thinking today that i should make an effort to put little notes under my child's dinner plate every now and then and write three things I love about them or something positive about them. How sweet your husband connected with your daughter that way!

  6. That is so awesome Mark! I love that you do that!

  7. Hmmmm......SHE takes care of her two younger brothers JOYFULLY, helps with meal prep without being asked.....HE mows and trims our yard, helps take care of his grandpa......oops. A GREAT REMINDER THAT I SHOULD EXPRESS my gratitude!


    p.s. Have I thanked YOU lately for being such a great friend?? Love you.

  8. SO great!! Neat reminder of all we have to be thankful for! :)



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