Five Minute Friday: If you met me...

I saw this whole Five Minute Friday idea awhile back on The Gypsy Mama and thought I should try it sometime...

She provides a "prompt", you take it and write on it~ but only for five minutes.

Today's prompt is: If you met me...


If you met me, I hope you would feel like I was easy to talk to. I think we'd laugh. I hope I would be a good initiator of conversation; that you would feel cared for and encouraged. I would probably say at some point during our conversation: "I'll pray for you about that". (And I would mean it.) I hope that I would be a better listener than a talker. (But that's pretty iffy).

If you met me you would hear me talk about Mark and my kids, because I love them so much. We might talk about books we've read, homeschooling, adoption, parenting, and maybe even Survivor-- if you watch it, that is.

If you met me, I hope you'd like me.


(Was I supposed to not edit that? At all? Because if so, I cheated a little. I figure I earned some editing time due to the fact that for the first two minutes I just sat here, staring at my cursor.)


  1. ha ha....I sit there thinking too. The words suddenly freeze somewhere between my head and my fingers! Great post :)

  2. I have meet you.

    All of the above is true and happened during our time together except the Survivor discussion!

    And I do really like you :o)

  3. Love reading your posts!! You are always so encouraging! I'm so glad I found your blog a few years ago!


  4. Well, I've met you and I'd say that's about right. :>

  5. Oh that blank screen. I was in the same boat and I just want to go do it over again now that I am a little bit more awake. So hard not to cheat and edit. I have never been to your blog before and I must say it is so pretty. I love the design. I look forward to looking around a bit.

  6. Well.....I HAVE met you, and I think you are ALL that!! :)
    I have met you, and I am all the better for it!
    ((just for the record, I was going to make some sarcastic comment about me wanting to edit your post FOR you...then I thought maybe I shouldn't say that....but I guess I just did!?!? Of course, I would only have really nice things to add.))

  7. I want to meet you! I want to meet you! I think we would have so much in common!

    Great posting idea, sounds fun! I'll have to hunt down the Gypsy Momma.

    Have a great week Stacy!

  8. Thank you ALL for your kind words... :)

    Love ya!

  9. Stacy-

    Love this idea! Didn't realize someone else out there was The Gypsy Mama ... good thing my blog is private and I don't write on it much anyway and I just change the name whenever I feel like it. I felt like "Gypsy Mama" was appropriate for me for this year. :)

    ANYWAY - I think that all the things you said are true... and I DO like you and really enjoy spending time with you. You inspire me and encourage me even when I'm far from Washington. I appreciate your friendship. :)


  10. You are too cute. I probably would have stared at the cursor for at least 3 minutes!! :) TOTALLY would have cheated too. I think you did a great job describing yourself though.


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