Nature study with Mark: Spiders!

I've mentioned before that Mark is the go-to guy around here for nature study.. A couple of months ago, they studied spiders. ~shudder~

I'm still getting over the fact that things like this were sitting on my kitchen table:

Sure. It may look tiny. But it was quite large, I promise you.

The first thing Mark and the kids did was head outside with spider-catching bravery and find as many spiders as they could, then they brought them inside and examined them, talked about them and drew in their nature study notebooks. For my part, I stayed very, very far away from all these goings-on.

Mark had drawn some spider images and written some questions on the dry-erase board:

I contributed question #7, which was:

Are they gross and creepy?


  1. Girlfriend you crack me up. I am the spider killer in my family, we women fill so many different roles. :o)I am proud of my talent!

    We do have some SERIOUS spider phobias around here. I don't like them in my house though.

    Great drawings on the white board...go Mark!

  2. WOW! Just ... wow. Y'all are brave!

  3. I see your number 7 over there in the corner. LOL! I think I would have left this lesson to my husband too (but shhhhhh he is more scared of them than me!). :)

  4. your question 7 made me laugh:) Mark is quite the artist.

  5. Mark is awesome!!! I absolutely love your family and am so encouraged by you :) I wasn't thinking they are gross, but I WAS thinking he rocks out at sketching!


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