Larry the Tooth Fairy

Isaac lost his first tooth yesterday! He's extremely happy about it. (Isaias, who is a year and a half *younger* than him, has already lost four or five teeth (I lose track) and Isaac has been earnestly hoping his tooth would fall out.)

I asked him last night if he was concerned at all about the tooth fairy flying into his room. Isaac is my boy who can be a little fearful so I wanted to be sure he wasn't alarmed at the idea. He said he wasn't, and then I assured him that she was just a little thing with wings and that she wasn't anything to be scared of anyway. Isaac's response to that was: "She?! I don't want a girl tooth fairy."

Mark didn't miss a beat. "Oh, okay. So you're hoping for Larry the Tooth Fairy, then. He's a good one. Kind of big, though. Don't know if he'll make it through the door." Mark kept wondering aloud about which tooth fairy would show up.

Would it be Harry the Tooth Fairy? Harry's pretty hairy, though, and hopefully all that hair doesn't tickle your face when he comes over to slip money under your pillow.

Maybe it will be Jerry.

There's always Gary, too.

Then Ella and I caught on and started in on how sweet Sherry the Tooth Fairy is. And Carrie and Mary, too... and was he sure he didn't want one of them?

Isaac was giggling. He's a little iffy about whether there's a tooth fairy at all, but we sure seemed to know a lot of them- and by name!

Mark and I were talking later about how we should start leaving notes and signing them by the various tooth fairies that come to our house. (When they remember to come. Sometimes those tooth fairies are so forgetful! Sometimes our kids even have to write reminder notes for the tooth fairy and tape it on their doors! ;))

This morning at breakfast I asked Isaac if the tooth fairy had come, and- which one did he think came? He thought probably it was Gary the Tooth Fairy.

Then he said, "But daddy says there's one named 'Jack Squat', too, and sometimes he's the one that comes."

A couple hours later and I'm still chuckling that Mark told him there was a tooth fairy named Jack Squat.


  1. Is Jack Squat the one who always forgets to come? Cause that's the one we have at our house.

  2. Annie~

    Yep. Pretty sure that's what he was saying. ~smile~ He shows up a lot here, too!

  3. So, so funny. I am so glad I read this tonight because it reminds me that Ethan has a tooth under his pillow. And has had it there for over a week. But he's ok with it because Luke told him that sometimes it takes forever! ;)


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