One day last week I woke up with a really bad sinus headache.  So... we skipped school for the day.  I spent 20 minutes in the kitchen that morning making playdough and it provided the kids with a good hour and fifteen minutes of fun (and respite for mama). :)

Three batches of playdough

= happy kids.

If you haven't made playdough, it's super easy and fun!


1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1 cup water w/ food coloring of your choice
1 T oil
2 tsp cream of tarter

Combine all ingredients in a pan and stir.  Cook on med-low heat.  The mixture will form into a ball after about 3-5 min.  Cool and store in a sealed container or a ziploc bag.


  1. Stacy,

    I've made a similar playdough recipe several times, always using spices to give it a color & a scent. I've wanted to try the food coloring but was worried it would stain their hands and clothes. Has that been an issue for you? If not, how much food coloring did you use? Thanks for your help! Kelly at Three Little Jewells (but it should be four now!)

  2. That's a pretty good trade off...20 mins of work for 1.25 hours of joy.

  3. Kelly~ Mmm! Your spices sound fun! I'd love to know what you've tried. The food coloring has never stained the kids' hands or anything else. (My mom has made this recipe for years, too- and it's never been a problem.) I only used a few drops per batch, but if you want darker colors, you can use more.

    Talia~ That's what I thought! (a good trade-off!) ;)


  4. THIS is timely! My littles were just asking for playdough after finding old dried out playdough crumbs somewhere, but we don't have any right now. I haven't made our own since my older girls were young, so off to make it...:) Thanks!

  5. Well, maybe not... as I was getting out all of the ingredients my son took the cream of tarter and poured it out in the backyard! Maybe baking powder will do.

  6. Christy~
    OH NO! (All you need is 2 tsp, though- maybe go scoop some up off of his spilled-out pile?)

    ;) Silly guy.

  7. I just came back to update... Googled and ended up using 1 Tbs baking powder and 1 Tbs baking soda and it turned out great! (and pink!) I only had about 2 teaspoons of cream of tarter left in the container and it was all spread out on the back porch.

    Thanks! They're all having fun now, even the older girls. :)

  8. We make our own Play Dough too!

    We use Pumpkin Pie Spice (Sept - Nov) and Cinnamon (Dec - Jan)...haven't figured out a good Spring or Summer scent :)

    Love, kathi

    p.s. I posted our recipe here:


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