What is there *not* to love about two?

Just today, from my Audra Joy:

"I wuv you.  You're my sweetest mommy in my whole wide world."

Then again, later- as we discussed whether to bring Ella to the doctor or not, she chimed in:

"I think we should see Doctor Baker."  This is who she's referring to:

I sure love my sweet girl.  :)


  1. Cute girl!!

    Btw, I know a doctor who has an appointment available Friday.....ROAD TRIP!?!?!? :)

  2. Wish they still made doctors like that!
    Hope that sweet Ella is ok.

  3. Hi Stacy, just popping over to say! I had some catching up to do here today!! Hope you and your family had a joyous Christmas! Happy New Year too. :)


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