Life lately, in photos

our new ducklings
water play in the yard with cousin Cliff
Garden: planted!
Letter Carrier Food Drive, 2012 {daddy with lots of helpers}
My favorite kind of breakfast. 
{this morning: an egg, sweet potato, bacon, red bell pepper,
onions, sun dried tomatoes, and guacamole}


  1. Is Adelia wearing snow boots? Love it! I want your breakfast, looks awesome!

    1. Um, yes. Boots are her footwear of choice. Year-round, apparently. We went for a walk today and she had on her other pair of *fleece-lined* boots and her jacket. I tried to talk her into crocs or flip-flops and, for instance, NO jacket, but she insisted. :)

  2. YUM! I love when children help their daddy's. Priceless!

  3. Oh! I hadn't checked back here in a couple of weeks and here you are all bloggy again. :) Love your ducks. Ours are teenagers now and boy are they ugly. :)

    So good to read all your homeschool reflections and thoughts too. Thank you.


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