Copywork for the boys

{I was going to blog about my plan for the boys' copywork this coming year, and realized that I had never posted about what they did this past year.  I found a draft of a post I'd started about their copywork, so I'll finish that up here and then in my *next* blog post I'll tell you what we're doing for this coming year.}

 * * * 

My goal this year for the kids' copywork was QUALITY over quantity.  I made the boys (Isaac- 2nd grade, Isaias- 1st grade) their own copywork jar, but reaaaaallly simplified it.  I just wrote out lowercase and uppercase alphabet letter sets for each boy (Isaac's on green paper, Isaias' on blue paper), and dumped them into a jar.

Here's what their copywork paper looks like

Each day, they pull out a letter and write it- carefully- three times.

Then once a week-- on Fridays-- I had something called "Copywork Draw", where they'd instead draw a short word, and then a draw a picture of that word.

And that was it.  Super fun to see their illustrations, especially.  I love their drawings so much


  1. what a fun way to do copy work. I love the drawings best of all things in our homeschooling.

    thanks for sharing.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

    1. ME TOO! (about the drawings!) It truly delights my heart to see what they come up with and how they depict things! :)

  2. i got so lazy homeschooling this past year, that i purchase my boys 'a reason for handwriting' workbooks. they're ok. but, as usual, not greener.

    you seem to have your ideas so down pat. where do you, as homeschooling mom, get your inspiration?

    1. Um, you were carrying, then delivering, then transitioning- to a new baby! YOU GET TO BE LAZY! :)

      Oh, wow- ideas down pat? Do I seem that way? I don't know.... I think I just like to come up with ideas that seem fun to me or that I think would be fun to the kids and then figure out a way to make it work. I really do enjoy the process.

  3. Hi Stacy! Where did you get those neat pages with the block in the right hand side??

  4. Hi Jessica~

    All of the pages listed in the pictures I created. Do you want me to post a link in Google Docs so that you can print them out, too? I did that with their newer pages in my last post, and that seemed to work for others. Let me know!

  5. Hi Stacy,
    I would love to use the copywork pages, but when clicking on the link it said not found. If you still have my email address, could you send me the link or send an attached file? Thank you for sharing your plans!

  6. is another question, LOL! Love the copywork idea! I am introducing more of that this year, but I want to switch to learning handwriting in italics. I have heard it is much smoother transition into cursive. This will only effect(sp?) my 3rd grader. I want to get the workbook on how to teach italics, but is it asking too much for her do work through that workbook and do copywork?


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