Letter to Ella while she's away

I love this picture of you and daddy!

My beautiful girl,

Oh, how we all miss you around here these past couple of days!  Isaac was looking so glum at the breakfast table this morning, and when I asked him why, he replied, “It’s just different without Ella here.”  It is different. I told daddy yesterday that with you gone it feels as if a bright light has gone out in our house.  It reminded me that your name means “light” so that seems fitting, then, doesn’t it?

I was praying for you yesterday- that you would enjoy your time with Grandpa and Grandma and with your cousins, that that you would be a blessing to them all, and that God would protect you while you are away from us.  I also prayed that even though we-- who love you most and know you best and are so familiar to you-- are not with you; that you would be reminded and comforted that God is always with you, wherever you go, that He truly knows you best and loves you even more than we do; and is your best friend and companion.  I’m so glad you know Him.  :)

I know you wanted every detail of what happened here when you were away, so I’m going to write for a bit so that I won’t forget.  Here are just some snippets of what we’ve done so far...

-We stopped for ice cream (vanilla cones dipped in chocolate) on the way home.  The little girls were sleeping, but Adelia woke up right before we ordered so Audra was the only one who missed out.  Isaac has occupied your seat in the van and loves it there. 

-When we got home we had a picnic snacky-dinner on the living room rug, played a game with Isaias and Adelia, and rested.  (Isaac read his book, Audra was playing dolls.) The girls went down well-- even without you there-- but I laid down in your bed to tuck Audra in and held her hand and she asked, “Mommy, are you going to stay here and hold my hand until I fall asleep?”  I said no, but that I would hold it for a little bit.  She was very chatty and wanted me to linger, and then come back in, and then in again, so I could tell she was missing her nighttime chats with you.  (Adelia was already sleeping.)

-Daddy ordered a new see-saw for the swing set!  It should be here in a week.  (Isn’t Audra going to be SO happy?!)

-We let the boys come up and watch the fireworks from the front porch-- because they were still up and some of the neighbors across the way put on a REALLY good show for us!  We were all bundled up in blankets on the stairs, clapping and cheering.

-Yesterday we played outside nearly all day long.  It was a beautiful sunny day-- I’m sure you’re enjoying it at Grandpa and Grandma’s house, too!  I filled the pool in the morning and Isaias and Adelia spent nearly all day in it.  Isaac played on the swingset, swam a bit, and read his book outside.  Audra was my helper when she wasn’t eating berries.  ;)  I made some popsicles-- two kinds: limeade popsicles and then limeade blended with frozen strawberries.  They’re both very yummy.  (We saved you some; don’t worry!)    Then I put laundry on the line, weeded, and finally sat down to choruses of “Watch me, mommy!” --from Isaac, on the swingset,  “Look at me, mommy!”-- from the two in the pool, and “Mommy!  See me?”-- from Audra (doing whatever she was doing.)

-Daddy worked late last night so we couldn’t go to the church picnic, so we ate here, cleaned up, played another game, and went to bed.

-This morning we ran errands (bank, Costco, Target), brought daddy some coffee on his route, and then came back home to play outside some more.

-Oh!  The chicks are doing well with the bigger chickens.  They like to sit up on the chicken tractor, out of the way.  But when I bring in greens or scraps, they hop down and try to meld in with the others.  They’re getting much braver.  But they’re careful not to get in Flora’s way!  ;)  Oh, and they’re still roosting on their little roost.  That tiny little white egg from Millie was egg white only-- no yolk, and Isaac ate it this morning for breakfast.

-Audra has singlehandedly eaten every single raspberry in our yard!  I keep finding her by the bushes, picking berries and popping them into her mouth.  Nevermind that she picked all the ripe ones yesterday already!  Apparently she’s going for the almost-ripe ones today!

Isaac, checking to see if Audra left him any berries.
-Everyone has said how much they miss you, several times.  It seems quieter around her without you.  Especially at meal times-- we keep accidentally setting your plate and then staring across the table at an empty spot.  Can’t wait until you come home!

Love to you, sweet girl.... I can’t wait to hear all the details about your time away.

ps: the pink hydrangeas have bloomed!


  1. What a tender note...you sure must miss your sweet little girl. What a wonderful opportunity for her though...she will have memories to hold forever.

    left you a note over at my blog...come by when you can.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  2. I enjoyed this so much! How delightful! ♥


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