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There is this progression of drawing that I love to watch in my kids.  Their "people" drawings usually begin with a head and then eyes and a mouth-- and they perfect that for several weeks.  I'm always so delighted to see when they suddenly add hair and hands (!) and legs (!).  I was especially excited to spot this particular drawing on the dry-erase board the other day, because of who drew it: ADELIA!  She rarely draws anything, because she can barely sit still for something so time-consuming.  *grin*  Audra is constantly coloring; give that girl a pencil and piece of paper and she can occupy herself for hours, but not so with Adelia, so it was worth a photo.

I peeked in on Audra's quiet time yesterday and found this:

 I don't know why I found this so cute: her dressing up Pooh in Ella's old clothes.  But I did.

And for Isaac's quiet time today, he's taped up the room to make a road for his cars.  (I think he may have even talked Ella into joining him.  ;))

In other news, we've realized that we needed to tighten up our diligence in terms of discipline with one of our children in particular.  So.... we've been praying lots, Mark and I-- seeking God's wisdom on how to do so.  I also pulled out a favorite book again (I posted about it here and here) and this tattered old chart I made the last time I read the book- some seven years ago, now.  (Any long-time readers remember this one?)  The chart was my take-away from the book, as an effort to have a visual of common sins we ought to put off and what we should put on in place of them, based on Ephesians 4:22-24.

The kids and I have been discussing one of the "Put Off" behaviors on the left-hand side of the chart each morning and then reading verses on what to Put ON in place of what we're putting off.   So far we've covered Tattling and Slothfulness, and I am SO grateful to say that tattling is on the decline and the kids have done their chores much more speedily for two days running now.  (One of my boys, who usually dawdles quite a bit, actually completed his chore in 6 minutes yesterday- which is surely an all-time record for him.  I was astonished.  I think he was, too.)

As for our little discipline-issue with our strong little five-year-old, I am focusing on two things: being diligent and prayerful.  And with her, we're focusing in on just two things right now, too: not arguing or disputing when mommy asks her to do something, and obeying.  We're three days into using this little ticket system (see below) and so far it's working GREAT.  {Thank you, Kendra, for the idea!}  I'll try to get back to you on the details soon, when we've had a few more days of using it.

This parenting gig is downright challenging, isn't it?   I am so thankful for God's faithfulness.  I have been praying for a few weeks about our five-year-old's increasing disobedience and He has been so faithful to lead us to a better place.  I'm thankful, too, for a friend with older children who we spent time with this week (and who saw some of that disobedience rear it's ugly head) and exhorted me to do something about it, and soon.  It was just the kick-in-the-pants I needed, truly.

Eleven years into this parenting role and I still need to be reminded of the basics: God desires children to obey their parents.  It pleases Him. (Col. 3:20)  It goes well for them if they do (Eph. 6:2-3), and I need to be diligent to ensure that they do. (Prov. 23:13.)  I'm sure there's more but that's what God reminded me of this week. 

Love to all of you who are dealing with the same types of issues.  Keep on.  God is faithful to equip you for those little ones He has entrusted to you.

Blessings to all of you!



  1. The ticket system is working really well for us too. it really does work. I hear ya on the parenting gig. I just today stepped down from a ministry at church because I need to focus more at home and make sure I have the energy to do it well and not stretch myself to far.
    Appreciate your heart for your family!

  2. I love the smile on Audra's face with poo bear. And the sunshine behind her!

    We brought out the tickets too. I need to get better at remembering to take them. But I really loved the conversation we had in making them. We all have bad habits (weeds) that need to be worked on. I told them that one of mine was being patient and cheerful when I observe theirs. So the ticket system was to help with my sin too!

    It blesses me to hear that a friend encouraged you toward discipline. I fear that one of the things I will be sorry for at the end of my life is my lack of speaking truth in people's lives in exchange for keeping them happy with me. Good job, being diligent with parenting! Keep up the good work friend!

  3. Stacy I can so relate with this as one of our girls is having a hard time, as are we. I've been praying and simply reading your words has given me encouragement in it. It's tiring and exhausting and can feel altogether defeating. But, I'm reminded that God gave us these girls, because he has confidence in us. He didn't make a mistake.

    Also, it seems as though your Audra and my Cadence could be drawing buddies.


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