A garden walk

One of my favorite things to do each day is to walk around our yard and check on the progress of everything we've planted: to see what looks healthy and happy, what needs watering, what needs propping up, what needs weeding, what flowers need to be deadheaded.

I took my camera with me the past couple of days so here are (some) pictures of our yard:

Just planted: cucumbers and tomatillos, in the galvanized buckets.  Beyond that are our three strawberry beds.

Our happy rhubarb beyond the one strawberry bed, and our vegetable garden beyond that.

Our garden~ freshly weeded (and since this might be the only time it is all weeded in it's entirety: it was definitely photo-worthy.  Ella and Isaac are busy weeding their sections.  Mark put in the trellises for me this year- for the pole beans, peas, and cucumbers (near Isaac)

Our side yard, which was grass and a narrow sidewalk just a couple of months ago.  We put in the path and planted some perennials (and still need to finish the right-hand side, there)

First nasturtium bloom!

The nasturtiums are taking over this little corner area, but I love them! (and happy chickens in the background, there)

These are my sweet peas (flowers).  I am envisioning them climbing all the way up that chicken wire by the end of summer.  On the other side of that short wall are our pumpkins (NOT weeded), and some of our raspberries are growing there in the background. 

Happy gardening to you!


  1. I love all of it!! Beautiful garden, awesome sturdy trellises!

  2. Lovely, all of it! And that stone pathway in your side yard is gorgeous!

  3. I love your yard and garden. Such proof of good hard work. Well done. I am jealous of the green thumbs. Love you guys!


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