Further Evidence that Mark is the Fun Parent

Last week we went to the ocean for vacation.  Following are some pictures, which will just prove once and for all that Mark is the Fun Parent.  (For you long-time readers, let's just remember together his animal pancakes* for breakfast, sometimes with food coloring.  And the cool things he's created with cardboard around our kids' beds.  Like the Castle and the Viking Ship.)  And just other things like the fact that he'll sit on the floor and play LEGOs with the boys.  (For more than, say, the three minutes I might give it.)  Or the times he sits and plays dollhouse with the girls.
*sorry there are no photos on the pancake post. 

Anyway.  We went on vacation.  Here are the pictures:

So anything you see here that has anything to do with digging in the sand is all Mark.

There are a lot of things I do like to do at the ocean, but digging in the sand with my bare hands is just not one of them.

In this next photo I seriously think Mark and Isaac are dancing a happy jig over their sand castle progress.  This may have been the moment I thought I was with the wrong family.

Mark's plans are always quite elaborate.

I don't even know what they've got going on, here.  Some different, um- outlying castles to the main castle?

And some other photos that aren't necessarily digging-or-sand-castle related:
I love this picture of Adelia in her little pink rain jacket, bending to get a bucket-full of sand. 

Mark and Audra, running from away from the waves.  (See?  More fun with daddy.)
My beautiful girl
All five.  Plus daddy.  (It's my goal, always, to get all of them in the same frame.)
Ella with her bag of sea shells

Oh, and on the way home we stopped at a lighthouse.  The tallest one in Washington State.  This was also Mark's idea.

He's truly the greatest. 


  1. Haha, I can totally relate. I even bought and read a bargain book once about how to play with your children. Seriously.
    Those are some amazing sand castle structures; Mark is very creative. And may I say that even your sand-writing is beautiful! :)

    P.S. I'm replying to your comment about issues with Latin on my blog with some links that you might find helpful.

    1. I could seriously use that book. *grin*

      Thanks for the Latin links, Heather!

  2. Thanks, Dearest, for the complimentary post. You are so kind to me. And thanks for the love notes in the sand. That's way more fun than any sand castle.

  3. That's awesome. I relate! :) Where is your To Pack list post? And vacation traveling one w/ make ahead activities? I'm glad you put the pictures of your lists because that reminded me of doing that for our next vacation. :)


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