There's really just one gripe I have with my husband

And it's this:
He's WAY more fun than I am.

Anyone remember the pancake post?

See what I mean?

A few days ago, the kids and I were reading stories on the couch and one of the books had the word "moat" in it. My four-year old wasn't familiar with the word, so after storytime I grabbed some gray paper and whipped this out:

I must say, I was feeling quite pleased with myself about being such a creative homeschooling mama. Do you see that blue "water" in the moat, there? We even snagged some Playmobile guys and made a queen and king. And then we dressed the queen. And put crowns on them. The kids thought it was MARVELOUS, and spent the rest of the day playing with their "castle".

My only mistake was this: during the construction of the castle I said, "Your daddy could make a better castle than this, though."

Fast-forward to yesterday, Mark's day off. I went out for a couple of hours and came home to this:

Um, yeah. Just a little outdone, dontcha' think? (And I'm sorry that photo is so dark. Clearly the flash wasn't on. But in case you can't see accurately, that would be my husband building a kid-sized (*as opposed to a Playmobile-sized*) castle in our living room.)

But you know, just one little castle turret (Mark's word, not mine. I called it "that round part") wasn't quite enough. Oh no.

Because why would he do only that when he can do this?

Yes, that is built around the kids' bunk beds. You can imagine how very sleepy they were at bedtime last night.

And lest you think he's even remotely done? Think again. Last night over dinner he was making plans to add a drawbridge. And I heard him saying he wanted to draw the stonework on the outside. And Isaac has already made him promise to work on some shields and swords.

But just so you know, I don't think he has a plan for the moat yet.


  1. But guess what-- because I've seen your post, now I can copy it on our kids' bunkbeds and look like a WAY cooler parent than my better half. And isn't that what it's all about? Thanks, Stacy! I'm off to dig up some cardboard from the basement! =)

  2. I understand that gripe... same one here; basically Scott can do EVERYTHING better and bigger than I can. We decorated cookies today. I thought mine were pretty good. Then HE came home and made masterpieces. Whatever.

  3. tell mark...i have dungeon plans if he would like them...but it involves cutting a hole in the floor of the house...:)

  4. Hilarious, I can totally relate! Josh always has the more creative, elaborate ideas playing with my kids too! Jaedon wants a road to drive his cars on. Ok, I'll grab a 8x11 sheet of paper and draw a road. Daddy comes in and flattens a box as big as the room. My little printer page looks pitiful!

    ...At least you're not alone

  5. That is incredibly cool! Peregrine would go nuts; I'm not sure where I'd find that much big cardboard though. A simple shield idea: cut out a piece of cardboard, wrap it in gold or silver wrapping paper, and cover it with packing tape. I made one for Peregrine and it lasted for months. (I think, until it got left outside and soggy.) I was amazed at how long it lasted. Oh, and I made a little handle thing on the back too. I imagine your man would know the proper name of "the little handle thing" but I don't!

  6. Oh. my. GOODNESS!! I'm thoroughly impressed.

    And I'm just thinking... if we had kids, my Mark would totally be the same way-- definitely the cooler parent :-)

  7. Wow. I've got to say, when I first saw your castle I was so impressed that I thought you must be being overly sensitive to think that Mark is more fun than you. But then I scrolled down and....I definitely see what you mean.

  8. My kids are going to die when they see this!
    I love it when Mike does things that are way better than me. It takes the pressure off that I have to be super good at everything, 'cause they have him too!

  9. I think it's a "boy" thing...they enjoy doing these things as much as the kiddo's. And now as adults, they can get away with it :)

  10. How could anyone FORGET the pancake post? and now THIS?

    I am certain that Mark HAS to set the bar higher, because, quite frankly...he is taller. Tall people set higher bars. I think that should make the rest of us feel much better.

    Great job, Mark. Now I want to see you work on that dungeon that Fletch was talking about!!


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