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***UPDATED*** You guys are the best. We just finished up Lady and the Tramp, and it was a hit. So a huge thank you to all of you who steered us in the right direction. :)

...for anyone who happens to check my blog within the next two hours.

The kids have earned a family movie night tonight (for keeping their designated areas clean all week).

Our kids watch no TV, and very little in the way of videos (think: Kids Sing Praise, Zoboomafoo, Signing Time, Sound of Music (parts of it), some Veggie Tales, and maybe a few others). Thus, their exposure is limited. We watched Old Yeller together last time, and they were good with that. The death of Old Yeller didn't bother them too much but I know that anything remotely scary would bother them.

We borrowed the following movies with which to choose from for a movie tonight, and it's been so long since I've seen any of these that I really can't remember what's in each of them. So, in your opinion, from the following movies, which is the "lightest" fare?

*The Fox and the Hound
*Lady and the Tramp

Any recommendations?

I'd love a little input, if you happened to stop by!



  1. If you haven't already decided, I'd go for Lady and the Tramp.

  2. I agree.

    The hunter does away w/ Bambi's mom. There are some nasty folk in Dumbo and I don't remember fox and hound.

    L and T works as far as I can remember.

  3. Here's a review site so you can see what parts may be an issue:


    From looking at all of these, I would say Lady and the Tramp is a CLEAR winner.

    Have fun! And WAY TO GO kids for keeping your areas clean!!

  4. wow! you guys are awesome! thanks!

    so i've narrowed it down to these two:

    *Lady and the Tramp

    ...and i might look into some of the Little House DVDs i have downstairs, too.

    but do still leave a comment if you stop by.


  5. I'm probably so late with this ... but I say no to Dumbo because I can't handle it. I cry every time the mom and Dumbo are seperated and Dumbo finds her! They are seperated because she was defending Dumbo, they thought she was going crazy so they locked her up. Dumbo finds her and she holds him with her trunk through the bars. Oh, here I go crying again!

    Enjoy your family movie night! Way to go Kiddos!

  6. I'd go with Lady and the tramp- the others all have very sad parts...perhaps scary to some.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  7. ...i know i'm too late...but at theMT we get freaked out by large ear flying elephants, dogs that eat spaghetti, rapid thumpin' bunnies, and the co-mingling of dogs and foxes...so we recommend bagging all of those choices and watching indiana jones (but that would probably scare the cookies out of your kids, so please ignore my recommendations and consider building more cardboard castle components!).
    by the way, i had worked it out of my memory, but i get freaked out by that weird little creature on zooboomafu...thanks for giving me nightmares tonight...

  8. Lady and the Tramp is pretty mellow, there are mean dog's that corner Lady that you may want to fast forward through. There is a small hint of tramp being with a few other females, but generally that passes right over the kids.
    I think Fox and the Hound is entertaining but there are lot's of question's the may ask.
    Dumbo is so sad and there's lot's of teasing.
    Bambi is not bad, except when the Mom dies.

  9. I vote for Lady and the Tramp. Dumbo and Bambi are just sad, sad, sad at some points. And The Fox and the Hound can be a bit scary with the chase scenes. But that's just my two cents.

    Have fun! ;)

  10. Hi Stacy :) I'm too late for the recommendations for tonight - the only one of those we have seen is Bambi (and Miss M only saw that for the first time last year when she was five).

    Like you, we do not watch TV - only very select videos. We are gently building our library. I'll send you some notes if you'd like about our favorites :)

    We have shared a couple of the Little House episodes from season 1: "Country Girls" and "Christmas at Plum Creek"

    Love, Q

  11. Tricia, Mike, Hilary, Kimmie, Joni-
    You were right on. Thanks!

    Oh, yeah. That'd be super sad for my kids. Thanks for the tip!

    Glad to have worked Zoboo right back into your memory bank. I think he deserves a spot there. :)
    Oh, and your dungeon comment on the castle post? Has Mark emailed you for those instructions, yet?

    Wow. You know your movie! The-mean-dogs-that-cornered-Lady part was the only part that froze the kids from eating their popcorn.. for a moment. And you're right: the part about Tramp being a ladies man went right over their heads.

    Yeah, I think my kids would be fine with Bambi. I'll probably watch it first for a refresher, though.

    And yes, I'd love your favorites! :)

    Thanks again, all!


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