Valentines day recap

{Dinner} for the kids
Mark and I ate later, after we put the kids to bed.

We dressed up and had a quiet candlelit dinner.

On the menu?

Crab legs (with butter and fresh-squeezed lemon juice for dipping)
Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
Salad (with crumbled feta cheese and raspberry vinaigrette)
Homemade bread

And then, dessert:
New York Cheesecake with a dollup of chocolate mousse. (We couldn't decide which dessert we wanted most, so I made both!)

Utterly scrumptious.

Some traditions: Valentines Day is the one time of year I purchase pretty pajamas. And it's also the day that Mark gives me the Valentines day CD he makes for me. It's a good one this year; I love it. My favorite song so far is Nothing Fancy by Dave Barnes. You can listen to a bit of that here. (Scroll down to track #9).


  1. Oh, how sweet! I love your heart-shaped creativity in every single meal!!

  2. You are such a special, creative mom and wife! I love your v-day traditions. My mouth is now watering. ;-) I mean, crab legs?!!! Yummy.

  3. Wow, Stacy :) What wonderful traditions! Love, Q

  4. Beverly,
    I've NEVER bought crab legs in my life! But they were on sale for $6.99/lb and even that is so much cheaper than any meal we would have paid for in a restaurant on Valentines Day. So it was our little splurge. :)


  5. All, right, Stacy, I'd have to say that you are WAY cooler than anyone around here. I'm very impressed. Forget cardboard castles-- your valentine's meals ROCK.

  6. Yummy!!

    Sounds like a fun day!

  7. I'm so impressed! I've decided I need to invest in a heart cookie cutter before next Valentine's Day!

  8. What a wonderful Valentine's Day we had. Thank you for bringing some of the heart breakfast cake to me at work, for the notes on my pillow every night for the past two weeks, for the romantic and delicious dinner, for the game you gave me, and for the "pretty pajamas" you bought for yourself. Most of all, thank you for loving me so well.

    Loving you,

  9. That is so funny! This is *almost* exactly what we did on valentines day! :)

  10. Yummy!! I want to come to YOUR house next year for Valentine's Day....would dinner for four work for you guys? Crab legs are my absolute favorite!!


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