This post got me to thinking...

What are some of the best movies you've watched together as a family?

It'd be great to compile a list of decent movies and since many of you have been in the season of family-movie-watching longer than we have, I figure you'll be a great resource.

Leave a comment and tell me your favorites!


  1. The latest has been the old disney flicks. Like Flubber/aka: The Nutty Professor (the orignal version) The Ugly Daschund - oh my! The husband wife relationship was a bit maniplulative but I get a little weird over stuff like that. The kids were rolling with laughter! Good Ol' Pollyanna is a feel good. Herbie/Luv Bug.
    Night at the Museum was a good one. Clean. Hilarious. Has a divorce situation but passes over the littles.
    The Flinstones. Seriously, so funny.
    Magic Scoolbus all except the dinosaur one - heavy on the evolution. Although I did use it as a teaching tool.
    One of my favorites is Toy Story 2. Toy Story one is too violent for me - 2 is an all time favorite.
    My next favorite is the movie Cars. Such a fun movie!
    OK I'll stop.

  2. My kids are a little older, and we've found lots that we all enjoy together.

    My favorites when they were younger:
    Winnie the Pooh- THE BEST ONE!! :)
    Tigger Movie
    Piglet's Big Adventure
    (Can you tell I love Pooh?)
    Jungle Book
    Little Mermaid
    Charlotte's Web (cartoon version, too)

    Most Disney movies that we love (Aladdin, Mermaid, Snow White, etc) all have a bad guy, and while of course those give you teachable moments; sometimes the scenes can be scary. They never phased my kids, but I know they can some. But if they've seen Sound of Music, the chase scene in the cemetery freaks me out more than Jafar. :)

    And for non-animated, we love:
    Annie (NOT the Carol Burnett version)
    Secret Garden
    Little Princess

    Family movie nights are a HUGE hit in our house. I love snuggling on the couch with them for so long. (I DON'T like hearing the crunching of popcorn, though.)

  3. We are kind of like Cindy, where our kids are a little older, so some of these might be good in the next couple of years, or maybe just Ella. But when I have been asked about family movies these are my all-time favorites as of right now..."Because of Winn-Dixie" (we read the book first and loved it!! Makes me cry every time) "Dreamer" (great movie about a girl and her horse) "Where the Red Fern Grows" (we have the newer version with Dave Matthews--GREAT Movie) "Sound of Music" will always be in my top 5! We like the oldies, for example, the original "Parent Trap", Shirley Temple movies, "White Christmas", "Annie", musicals. We are also big fans of the Chronicles of Narnia, the best thing we did however was read the book to the girls before we allowed them to watch it. Madi has now almost completed reading all the books in the series and is very excited about the new one coming out in May. Around here if we don't have other plans Friday night is Movie night, this past Friday we watched " The Game Plan" I was very happy overall, a good family movie, and they even played a TobyMac song during one of the scenes!!
    Have a Great Day!

  4. So sorry for writing so much, but I almost forgot, "Swiss Family Robinson", and "Mary Poppins" I love these!!

  5. *My kids love "Finding Nemo", but it does have the big fish at the beginning that might startle your kids if they are easily scared.
    *They like both "Ice Age" and "Ice Age:The Meltdown".
    *We like "The Prince of Egypt" and it gives a little insight to the Bible story. And you or somebody already mentioned them, but "Veggie Tales" are great!
    *Jaedon loves "Chicken Run"
    *And they both love "Charlotte's Web", they enjoy the newer one with real people and animals better than the cartoon.
    *"Robots" is another favorite of my kids, but there are several different scenes that might scare your children... My kids don't scare easily.
    *And a request for "Cars" happens quite frequently!

  6. My all time favorite movie is called, "When Things Seem Impossible." It is the most amazing true story of four New Tribes Missionaries who were taken hostage.

    It is available at

    If you buy it you will love it.
    I will tell you only this... the actual missionaries play their parts and it is filmed in the tribal mission station where the kidnapping occured.

    It is incredible powerful as you watch God protect and guide these missionaries.

    The book is titled, "God at the Controls."

    It is available through AMAZON


    Tami R.

  7. Where the Red Fern grows is a must! Althought I have to disagree with Carrie and say that the original is much better than the new version. Mark will cry if you all watch that one. There really is no piont in giving you other options until you watch Where the Red Fern Grows. Let the tears begin

  8. Hi Stacy,

    I have tagged you for a fun meme. Do it only if you want to:o)

  9. Our all time Favs:

    *we own it

    *Princess Bride
    *Narnia: LWW (new one)
    Swiss Family Robinson (or French Robinson as Luke calls it)
    Ben Hur
    *Ten Commandments
    Lord of the Rings cartoon (still a couple years away from the real one)
    Follow Me Boys
    In Search of Castaways
    Robin Hood (cartoon)

    Movies we had issues with:
    Prince of Egypt (for some reason it brought out nautiness, I think b/c of all the sibling rivalry and dysfunctional relationships)

    The funny thing is that Aidan is by far the emotionally involved in the movies. After watching an intense scene from Sound of Music his cheeks will be flush. He'll positition the couch between himself and the TV during suspensful scenes as well. Luke and Ebo pretty much watch whatever he watches and we just monitor how/if the movie changes their behavior.

  10. Hello Stacy. Thanks for saying hello over at Watchthesky! :) I must tell you how refreshing it is to find someone as careful as I about the things we allow our children to watch. We are very VERY picky. We own all those that you listed in your previous post. When we see one that is perfectly clean and suitable we purchase it. :)

  11. - Anything Winnie the Pooh (The Tigger Movie was Sam's favorite for nearly 2 years).
    - Pollyanna
    - The Parent Trap (both versions)
    - Follow Me Boys (we did a movie night with 2 other families and it was a hit from the 2 year olds up to the 15 year olds!)
    - Annie (newer version)
    - Charlotte's Web (old version - my kids enjoyed it much more with the songs.)
    - Curious George (the movie)
    - Clifford's Big Movie
    - Anything Veggietales
    - Stuart Little
    - Return to Neverland
    - Toy Story 1 & 2
    - Sound of Music (we just end it early, after Maria and the Captain fall in love, and before the festival and scary chase scenes.)
    - Jungle Book 2
    - Cinderella (1 & 3)
    - Milo & Otis

    (We have a movie night once a week, so we have quite a list of favorites!)

  12. Dana,
    Wow. Herbie! That sure takes me back!!! Thanks for the recommendations. :)

    You are my kind of girl. REALLY. Love Pooh. ANNIE?!?!?! One of my all-time, FAVORITE movies. Oh I love Annie. Pollyanna, too. Anything with the little Hayley Mills, for that matter. Love her.

    I was recently considering Because of Winn-Dixie for a read-aloud. Swiss Family Robinson *I've* never even seen. Very fun list. Thanks!

    Yep. We had Nemo once and one of my boys was super terrified of the scary fish.
    Charlotte's Web I'm sure would be a hit but I'm holding out on the movie until we've read the book.

    Wow. Sounds great! Thanks!

    You make me laugh. Red Fern... ALSO-- want to read the book first. But I'm not sure when they're old enough to read the book.

    Mrs. M,
    Oh. I'll check it out soon.


    Yeah. My kids are SO not ready for Narnia. Someday, though. Can't wait. And I'll have to look into some of the other ones you mentioned. Thanks!

    Uh, yeah. VERY picky here, too.

    You're the second person to mention Follow Me Boys. Never heard of it. I'll have to check into that one. That's quite the LIST! Thanks!

  13. The Black Stallion is one of our all time favorite movies. We used to start the movie after the shipwreck scene because Joshua is very sensitive. I love it because much of it is without words.

    The Wilderness Family movies are very fun. However, they have scary parts with wild animals. But when your kids are ready for them, I recommend them. Somehow, scary in real life or pioneering situations seems better to me.

    I personally don't like VeggieTales. But I do like the Max Lucado Hermie movies (there are many of them and I've picked a couple up on the $5 table at Family Christian).

    We've gotten a lot of mileage out of It's a Wonderful Life. Such a picture of being grateful despite circumstances.

    Also, the Jesus Movie for Children is a good one.


  14. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Love Comes Softly. I probably wouldn't have played it for the kids, but Derek did one time they liked it and it is very mellow and mild.

    Also, being a fan of Little House books... we recently found out and rented the new Little House on the Prairie movies put out by Disney. My husband was very skeptical that there could be someone who could replace Michael Landon as pa, but it was very good! The new ones are more true to the books! Again, some "real life" scary situations but I couldn't resist adding this.



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