He's done it again

Remember The Castle?

Exit Castle, enter Viking Ship.

{Ella, hoisting the sail}

{When Isaac first entered his room and saw the ship}

Mark? You're the best daddy there ever was.


  1. Hi Stacy, I'm quoting Mr S here - that is awesome!! Gold stars for Mark :)

    Hope that you all have a wonderful week! Love, Q

  2. Again...give us a heads up in case you ever visit California...I will begin saving cardboard, paper towel tubes, and egg cartons.

  3. What a fun Daddy! Blessings to you guys!

  4. Oh! That is so cute and fun!!! I am dying to know though, where or where did he get the supplies for the castle and the boat!??!

    I bet the kids had a blast with that! :)


  5. Mark!! You rock! What an AWESOME Daddy you are. The look on Isaac's face says it all.

  6. Stacy!
    Mark is amazing! I know you know this. I, too, am so thankful for a husband who loves to show love to his kids!
    Question: How long did it take Mark to make this? Isaac looks super excited but is he also surprised? Did Mark make the entire thing when no one was looking?

  7. A devoted daddy and faithful husband. He's more rare than we think. I sometimes assume all men are like that....silly me.

    I assure you, they AREN'T. We're just blessed.

    lucky you.

  8. I love the sheer delight on your children's faces! What a wonderful blessing to have such a devoted daddy!!

  9. Mark the Viking shipbuilderJuly 14, 2008 at 7:28 PM

    Stacy, thanks for bragging on me. You're very kind and I gotta admit that it feels good to have your wife think your the best daddy to her kids.

    Sara asked about supplies. Basically, I save the boxes from everything really big that we've ever bought. I've got lots of cardboard (all nicely organized in my garage). The ship is just pieces of the castle, which was in ruins after being stormed a few too many times. I just used nuts and bolts to hold them together (tape doesn't hold up very well when you're building up).

    Rebecca asked how long this took to make. Not long. I planned everything out ahead of time and pre-cut the the cardboard. So it didn't take long to put everything in place, which I did while the kids were busy playing outside and cleaning up after dinner.

  10. How exciting this is for your children.


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