Quiet time at our house today. And a birthday!

We were all out late last night at a friends' house. So I knew this one would sleep today:

And I hoped this sweet thing would also sleep:

(Because when she sleeps, I can usually sneak in a nap, too.)

This little man was a surprise, though, climbing into bed with Addie and I about halfway through our nap. After lots of wiggles and his too-long nails scratching my back (~ouch!~), a few kisses tossed in for good measure, and a few whispered reminders from me to the tune of "Isaac, please stop wiggling!", he finally slept.

Shirtless, he sleeps. Like his daddy. Which I find so cute.

This girl? Never sleeps. She holds down the fort with a pile of books.

Ah, quiet time. LOVE it.

::In other news, it's my dear friend Amy's birthday today. (Amy, being my best friend in the whole world second only to Mark. That Amy. We've shared so much of life together- since we were middle schoolers!- and I love her so much. Happy Birthday, Ame! And here you have the only two pictures we have of the two of us over the last decade (well, just about).

Here we are, on a rainy walk (and that would be Addie bundled up in my coat):

And here, out for coffee at Starbucks together one night. (Kendra and Lisa? This night was your treat. Thank you again!)


  1. Hi Stacy :) What precious pictures! Quiet time is a wonderful refresher around here, too.

    Pass along a "Happy Birthday" to your dear Amy for me. Love, Q

  2. So glad you two could get out together! Too bad it wasn't the Starbucks in the hospital where Mighty Joe is sweetly sleeping tonight :)

  3. Ahh, naps are wonderful!
    Glad everyone liked the spaghetti! Ella's comment was SOO sweet! :)

  4. As i am preparing for my nap - I must agree that quiet time is wonderful!! I so enjoyed the pictures - and Stacy, you are SO pretty :-)

  5. You ARE so pretty!
    Thanks for the nice words. And I too am so thankful to have shared so much life together and to know that we will share however much more the Lord gives us!
    It's good to be 33!


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