Open house: Wednesday, July 23

Listening to...
Mark, reading a story to the kids before bed. And Adelia, crying herself to sleep at the moment.

Thankful for...
My wonderful husband, Michelle's phone call today, a tall glass of water with ice cubes, Talia's phone call today, how excited my kids are about taking swimming lessons next week, and numerous other things.

In the kitchen...
Not much. Pizza tonight for dinner. And not the homemade variety, either.

Nothing. But I'm looking forward to making one of these Gratitude wraps someday soon...
*And* I just got some CUTE new fabric (some for my birthday- from Amy, as well as some in the mail today- from the new Farmer's Market line.) So I have lots of fabric just waiting for a project.

Leif Enger's second novel, So Brave, Young, and Handsome. I haven't decided yet if I like it. I really enjoyed his first book, Peace Like a River, and I do like his writing, but the story and characters in this one? Not so much my favorite.

In the yard/garden...
MY BASIL is GROWING! Just very sloooowly. But it's leafier this week than it was last week, so there is still hope!

Looking forward to...
a new bike! My parents are buying bikes for Mark and I for their anniversary gift to us. It's been literally years since I've owned a bike, so much so that when we went bike shopping, I asked the sales lady why every single bike looked like a boys' bike- "Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but aren't the girl bikes supposed to have that bar that swoops down?" Apparently not. I guess most of them look like boys' bikes now. Whatever. I think Mark was just thankful I didn't ask my "Where is the kickstand?" question out loud. I guess they don't make bikes with those anymore, either. (Though I don't know why not. I think kickstands are rather handy.)

Praying for...
Beka. Thank you, readers, for those of you who have also been praying! I love this blogging community for that reason~ so many perfect strangers reaching out in love and support and prayer for one another. It's a beautiful thing.
Also... praying for my friend Camee, and our neighbors.

Excited that...
My best friend in the whole wide world (well, other than Mark, I mean) is blogging! Well, Amy would argue that she is not actually blogging, but she has in fact been posting on her husband Mike's blog while he travels. So there you go. Head on over there and take a peek at my favorite family!

In the CD player today...
Sara Groves [Tell Me What You Know]


  1. Hi Stacy :) I enjoyed this so much! It's a joy to peek into your day ~ hope it's a lovely one. Love, Q

  2. I am so excited about the bikes! I have been dying to go bike riding as a family lately. Maybe we can all go together sometime!

    And I am glad you are excited about my posting pictures and captions on Mike's blog. It has been fun for me to think about what things I want to remember. With no pressure for it to be more.

    I like these posts of yours. So much information so quickly! Love it.

    Oh and I can't wait to see to see one of those gratitude wraps when you sew one. They look cool.

  3. Oh and one more thing.


    Really cool. Sorry if they have been there for a long time, with bloglines I am slow to see stuff like that.
    Thanks for that resource!

  4. As a girl who, as a child, fell onto one of those bicycle bars that didn't swoop down and had to go to the doctor I totally agree that girl bikes need to be make differently!
    Enjoyed your open house.... do you mind if I copy your idea sometime? I'll give you credit of course!

  5. So Brave, Young, and Handsome was a good read, but not anywhere near as good as PLaR.


  6. What a treat it is to read about your day! Thank you for sharing :)



  7. If you look for a retro style bike, it looks more like a ladies' bike should. I got one for mother's day a few years ago and love it. And they sell kickstands separately. Until a couple of weeks ago, I didn't realize that my husband had been installing them on each of our bikes himself all these years, I just assumed they came like that. What good is a bike without a kick-stand?

  8. I love hearing about your life like this :-)

  9. AAAAAHHHH!! Did you just send people over to my abandoned blog????!!!! I was just thinking this morning that I MUST i am super motivated!

    So fun to read up on all the "happenings" in your life. And I AM SO VERY EXCITED to know that Amy (or Mike) has a blog now! I am headed there soon!


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