13 lbs of strawberries


22 jars of jam!

[12 jars of Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam and 10 jars of plain (but delicious!) Strawberry Jam.]


3 trays worth of frozen whole strawberries for smoothies.

I began the day with a plan to make freezer jam. But I needed some more lids for my jars so we went to the store to get some. And as I stood there looking at all the canning jars and lids, I had an urge to go home, pull out the canner and go for it.

I'm so glad I did.

I'd forgotten how much I love canning.

...the preparation of the fruit, the lids, the jars....
...carefully pouring the hot jam into the jars...
...the careful wiping of the rim of the jars, just like my mom taught me...
...pulling the jars out of the canner...
...the happy rows of jars on the counter...
...the delightful popping noise that signals the jars have sealed...

Ah, so satisfying.

Ella was my helper for the first batch. She was a good little strawberry-washer, jam-stirrer, jam-pourer, and lid placer. And she squealed right along with me as each jar sealed!


  1. Thank you for all your hard work in preparing what I know will be delicious jam. But thank you more for involving Ella in the process. The jam will last us for a season, but the time spent with Ella and the lessons she's learning in homemaking, sacrifice and hard work will last. Thanks again.

    Loving you!

  2. Yummy! Wish I could pop over and convince you to treat me to a taste of the strawberry rhubarb!

    Mark's words? So sweet. So true.

  3. I can not believe you did this! You are amazing!
    To tell the truth, when I think of canning I think of being really, really hot.
    But I so hope I get to taste the "fruit" of you labor sometime!

  4. I love the sound of those jars when they screams, job well done!
    I had a good chuckle about the weasel story too!

    P.S. I posted some belly pics

  5. Nice work, Stacy! I'm so impressed that you took your four to the berry farm! Very cute pictures! Now that strawberry season is over I'm getting ready for raspberries! I love that you don't really have to do anything to raspberries to get them ready for jam. No tops to cut off, no slicing! And I love to line up all my jars when I am done and take several pictures! I feel silly arranging them for their picture but I do it every time!

  6. Nice job! I think the sound of lids popping sealed is one of the most satisfying sounds on earth, isn't it?!

    I think it is SO incredibly wonderful that you included Ella when you did your canning! What a blessed little girl, to be able to learn all these things while she's still young.

    I'll be doing some of this myself soon; we picked strawberries, blueberries, and sour cherries but I froze them all so I can do the canning in September when it's not quite so hot.

    Enjoy the yummy jam!

  7. I just learned to can this past year and had not thought to do it in the summer! Dear one! Next year it will be rasberry jam for my family as that is their steady love!
    And yes, the popping sound is delightfully satisfying!

    I loved the list you gave because all of those reasons and the more intangible "domestic-ness" of it are why I LOOOOOOOOOVE that I have made canning one of the ways I provide for my family. We are still enjoying the fruits of my labor last fall! Now that I mention it, Apple pie sounds good for tomorrow's dessert!

  8. you're like the mama I wish I had! I was told to stay out of said stepmothers way...wonder if that's why I love to cook now?

    yummmm on the frozen ones even. Smoothies rock!

  9. Ahhh sealing. Yes the last leg of jamming .... we did apricots 2 days ago and the last batch didn't seal and we have no idea why. Grrrr. Good news is it'll keep in the fridge and we'll just have to eat em' sooner than later. Not all is lost!
    High five on the jam! :)

  10. Awesome! Sending you the jam-making charm requirements for Keepers right now! I'm betting Ella has already earned her silver charm!

  11. Looks awesome!! Thanks for the link!!

    Mary, mom to many


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