One of my summer joys-- so far-- is making tiny batches of raspberry jam from the raspberries growing in our own yard.

Last week I started picking and then looked at what I'd gathered and thought: "This might even be enough to make some jam!" When I checked the recipe and realized that I needed 3 1/4 cups (I had a little more than 2 cups) I was not to be deterred.  I would just make a half batch!  Then I realized that it was supposed to be 3 1/4 cups of crushed berries, which was a bit of a problem. By that time Ella was on my little mission with me and she headed back out to the bushes and picked anything remotely ripe so that we could make our half-batch of raspberry jam.  And we did.  I think it resulted in only three very small jars of jam, but those three jars made me happier than any other jam I've ever made- because we didn't even have to drive to the U-Pick raspberry fields! 

We came home from camping over the weekend and I realized that:
a) No one had picked our bushes for two days, and
b) My kids hadn't been out to pick (eat) the berries since we'd been back.

So I had enough for a full batch.

Then yesterday Ella picked a bunch of berries again and when she showed me her bowlful, I happily exclaimed that we could make another full batch.  And we did. 

I'm pretty happy that my kids are free to graze on our raspberries and I can get some jam made, too.

[Our camera is broken, hence the no-photo post.]


  1. Yay for homemade raspberry jam!
    The only thing I've made with raspberries is raspberry sauce which is just the raspberries crushed through a sieve. I then freeze it and use as sauces on dessert or Kate's plain yogurt. I usually add Lyle's golden syrup to take away some of the tartness.
    This is the first year I haven't picked strawberries and made jam in quite a while. I was away for most of our strawberry season, but they may be still available, I just haven't had time to check since we got back home. Hope you can get your camera fixed without spending too much! xo

  2. This is really exciting!! We have not made ANY jam this year due to moving and pregnancy... ACK!


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