Meal planning


Summers are the WORST for me as far as meal-planning goes. My poor family.  I'll hit my groove again in the fall with soups and bread and hot casseroles and meat and potatoes in the crockpot.  I miss my crockpot.

But summertime? Aack. I hardly know what to make. It's hot and I don't want the oven on.  Especially when I've spent the morning canning and my kitchen is already sticky with heat.  If it were just me, we'd just eat a salad every night.  But my children can only handle so many salads.  As I write this, I feel certain I've typed this exact same paragraph in a blog post before.  My apologies.

In an effort to get back into the discipline of meal-planning, I sat down to create a plan. 

The tools: recipe binders, computer (for new recipes I've bookmarked), Sharpies, a master grocery list, and my meal list to post on the fridge.

Shown: meals for week 1

Why do I always forget that it's really as simple as formulating a plan and getting the necessary ingredients?  Then, with the plan in place, the thinking part of the work has already been done for me and I can easily tackle the to-do portion of it. 

So.  We're back at it.  Handy little list-on-the-fridge-that-I-appreciate.

meals for week 2

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