Surely this will help me in the meal-planning department


A new sheet taped up on the fridge

+ some of my favorite pens to write down meal ideas with...

= a good plan, at least.

(I'll let you know if the list inspires or gets ignored.)


  1. I find even doing that much helps! At the least it gives you something to look at, and hopefully a list of meals that don't require a run to the store. I often trade days and make substitutions- real life happens, after all- but find a basic list REALLY helps!
    Hope it helps you too! Have a great week, my friend!

  2. I think it's a great idea - I LOVE charts and visual aids! And any excuse for a fun collection of Sharpies is GREAT! :)

  3. I was getting ready to post my new Super Simple Meal Plan on my blog and saw this on my dashboard. Now, I feel really 'simple' :)

    ...but, it's working for us. We are so busy not being busy!?!?!?

    Be Inspired (I heart Sharpies too!)
    Love, Kathi

  4. Rebeca~
    Yes. It helps immensely. Mostly because Ella keeps checking it and saying, "Oh, YUMMY! We get to have _______ tonight?" - which serves as a reminder which is *just what I need* during my busy days! :) I usually trade out days, too- when I'm in a good rhythm!

    I agree! I love Sharpies!

    I remember... cooking is not your thing. But I happen to love it, so you get to do the things you love (like nurturing that sweet baby inside of you!) and I'll cook. If you lived closer, I would bring some food OVER. :)

  5. Don't forget to get an empty 3 ring binder and to PUNCH these lists at the end and put them in the binder, so when you're sick of meal planning (maybe it will never happen, but...) you can pull out an old one and recycle it.

  6. Love sharpies...great colors. I bought a magnetic thingy at the dollar store that I keep on the fridge. It's all cute with each day of the week and it has helped. What helps me most is to plan two weeks and shop around that list. I need to get some cute sharpies though I just have boring black, red and blue :o(

  7. Annie~
    That's a brilliant idea. I probably would have tossed it- but now I won't, thanks to you! :)

    Yes, you need the full array of Sharpie markers. :) Black, red, and blue will not suffice.

  8. What I want to know is: where do you keep that very pretty cup of sharpies so that no 2 or 3 year old finds them? :)

    And is it ridiculous for me to ask if you can send me an email with the simple meal plan attached? I'm so computer illiterate or I'd make my own! Really, I would! (Do you believe me?)

    OH..and I thought of you last week when I went to JoAnn's and found a "toob" (yes I know its not how WE'd spell it but that is what it says on the plastic!) full of "Landmarks". Like the Eiffel Tower and the Pyramids of Giza and the Parthenon, etc. The twins were AMAZED when they figured out they were THE SAME as the pictures on the cards and they got to hold them and touch them and line them all up on the high chair tray!

    This IS an exciting calling, isn't it?! :)
    Blessings to you and your sweet ones this week!
    ~Jess O.

  9. i love this!! funny, i was just thinking about sharing my meal-planning ideas ... but my list doesn't look nearly as cute as yours. :) i would love yours! can you email me?


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