Scenes from life with my seven-year-old boy

"Isaac, time to clean up!" (I said while passing through the room after quiet time.)

Five minutes later, I rounded the corner to find this:

"Uh....  bud?  Is this 'cleaning up'?"

Isaac:  "Yep.  I'm lining them up and then they're all going to jump in the bin."

Ten minutes later, the guys were still not in the bin.

me: "What's up, budders? Seriously. You need to get this cleaned up."

Isaac: "They've just got to be armed before they can go in the bin." (as he affixes helmets, shields and swords to each of his men.)

me: "Why do they have to be armed before they can go in?"

Isaac: "Because the dragon went in first, and they'll need to be able to fight him."


  1. Ohh... this sounds all too familiar! Thanks for giving me a more joyful perspective on it!

  2. OBVIOUSLY!! :)

    I am astounded almost daily at the percentage of Lego-men in our home that are armed and ready for battle at a moment's notice!!

  3. Makes sense to me! I love that kid's imagination!

  4. Why couldn't he just have had the dragon chase all the unarmed and helpless townsfolk into the bin? Then he could have tossed all the weaponry in with the dragon, closed the lid and let them fight for their little Playmobile lives.

  5. And I take a deep breath and remember that love is patient. So much like Maggie...k-lets put your boots on after you put your doll down....she has to change her clothes first....I realized she wasn't being disobedient....just dreamy and slow.

  6. You know, I think I move way to fast sometimes. Also, maybe I prize obedience above imagination............too much. This post and your previous one made me realize I need to slow down a bit. Take more time..........these days go so fast. Thanks for your timely words of encouragement for my life.

  7. Cutzi,
    Oh, I'm glad... you're welcome!

    I know. It should have been obvious, right? ;)
    I love it that your little guys are into that, too!

    I love his imagination, too.

    Your comment made me smile. "...closed the lid and let them fight for their little Playmobile lives." :)

    YES! I love that: Love is patient. So hard to be patient, though, sometimes, huh?

    I naturally move way too fast, too. The Lord has been teaching me to slow down, savor and to enjoy these moments and to be gracious and understanding of these little ones.
    (((Hugs))) to you, LeAnn! :)

    Blessings to all of you,

  8. I showed this to my 14 yr old Jesse, who takes forever to put things away because they have to be put back together just so. This is so him a few years ago. His comment,"I was never that smart!" :)

  9. Love this post. Not sure how I missed it earlier :o) I notice today that all our playmobile are missing their hair. I should ask why. Who knows what their reasoning would be.

  10. Dana~
    I love knowing that one of your boys is like this. :)

    Oh, I'm sure there is a VERY good reason for the missing Playmobil hair. :)


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