Meal plan printables

When I had the idea recently to post our dinner plans on the fridge, the first thing I did was Google "printable meal plans".

Here are a couple I found that I thought were cute, if you're interested.  They're free, and easy to download and print!

Meal Planning Form
There are two options here from The Project Girl.  I like them both.  The first one covers breakfasts, lunches, and dinners and has room to list ingredients bottom of the form if you want to do your planning/grocery list all on one page.  The second one is also cute- the meal section isn't divided up for breakfast/lunch/dinner, and the shopping list remains.

This Week For Dinner
This one from Thirty Handmade Days is for dinners only- in two options: bright or pastel.


Very cute, both of those.  I wanted dinners only, so I didn't choose the first one, and as for the second option: my printer does black and white right now because I'm too cheap to buy color cartridges.  So I quickly made my own, inspired by hers.

Oh, and I'm happy to share my Very Basic Meal Plan Form if you want simple, and your printer also prefers black and white.  Let me know if you'd like me to email it to you.

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  1. I just wish I could have your pretty handwriting posted on my fridge--especially in those gorgeous colors you use! :)


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