Audra loves to finger knit


I was sitting by the fire (!!!)  [Fire!  We get to have wood-burning fires in our fireplace now that our chimney is fixed!  I adore sitting by the fire.  I am positively giddy about this recent development.]  Anyway- I was sitting by the fire knitting and Audra wanted to join me.  She REALLY would like me to teach her how to knit.  With knitting needles.  Which I tried earlier this afternoon but it was a little tricky.  But this evening I decided to teach her how to finger knit.

And Audra likes to finger knit maybe more than I even like my fires.


Once she got going I picked up my own knitting again so that we could knit together, but then she was delighting me so much with all of her exclamations that I started writing them down.  So join me for a couple minutes of knitting with Audra.  (She said these things about every ten seconds.  For nearly an hour.  Truly.) 

"It's SO long!"

"I can't believe I'm doing this."

"I'm happy to be doing this color.  It's a fun color."

"This is SO fun!"

"I can't believe that it's getting SO long.  See?  Look how long it is!"

"I LOVE this!"

"Mama, look how fun it is!"

"I'm doing so great."

"Mommy!!!  Can you IMAGINE?"

"It's just so amazing." 

"Mommy, can you believe this?!  I cannot believe this."

"Mommy!  Isn't this SO FUN?!"

"Mommy:  Can you believe this, or not?  Me neither.  I can't even believe this."


She's pure delight.


  1. Where did my comment go!?
    How sweet is that! I think that I might have to remember how to fingerknit so I can teach Ruby! She keeps asking me to knit or crochet but I am new at crochet and still struggling with knitting, so this might be right up my alley.

    1. Hooray! It's super easy. If you follow the link in this post it'll take you to a previous post about finger knitting, which had links for a video tutorial OR a picture tutorial.

  2. Hmmm. I wonder where she gets that expressive personality...
    Love you; I hope and pray that our girls turn out like you in so many ways.

    1. *grin* about the expressive personality. YOU, right?!
      Love you, too, honey. You're sweet.

  3. This post started a finger knitting frenzy in our house. We have made 2 stuffy scarfs and Journey starting using her knitting board again. Even one of my boys is hooked :)

    1. Oh, Sandi~ it makes me SO happy to hear that! My boys like to finger-knit, too. Hooray for creative kids!

  4. Oh, Stacy! Audra looks so grown up! When did that happen? ^_^ What a joy to read her comments.


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