Today was a perfect kind of fall day- blustery and not raining.   I was driving this afternoon and spotted this strip of grass with gloriously big trees and a carpet of leaves (!) on the ground.   I promptly called Mark and told him to get everyone ready because I was coming home to pick them up so that we could go play in the leaves. Here are some photos:

my new favorite place to play in the leaves
handsome husband.  i love him so much!
i think it's funny that when i suggested we get a picture by the lamppost, those three kids decided they should be climbing said lamppost during the photo. 
cute ella kate.
We threw piles of leaves at each other, made huge piles and buried ourselves in them, caught the falling leaves when a gust of wind came along,  played tag, found grasshoppers, raced around to touch all seven huge trees, laughed and had a lot of fun!

audra (4)
adelia (5)
(blurry.  but the only one we got, so i'm posting it.)
cutest, sweetest kids i love so much
love this boy
Then we got back into the car to go home and saw the beautiful sky- so we drove toward the water for a better view, and then tried to capture a photo of all the beautiful oranges and grays and pinks and blues and yellows.... and this is all I ended up with (which of course doesn't do it's beauty justice):

But I'm so thankful for today.  For the wonder of the seasons, the beauty and familiarity of where we live, and especially for God who created all this beauty!

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  1. I loved them all but my favorite was the one with you and Mark. So lovely. xo


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